Total Woman Portraits for Jessica – Houston Katy Photographer for Women

Total Woman Portraits for Jessica – Houston Katy Photographer for Women

THIS post is about my copper-head soul sister, Jessica, and her Total Woman Portrait session.

Hair and makeup:  Brandie Seifert – Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics, LLC

There’s a special sisterhood that we redheaded women share.  It can’t be described, but if you are one of us, you know it well.  You might catch a glimpse of it in our eyes as we give each other a silent high-five at  the grocery store. We connect because we understand. We know sunburns, and freckles, unruly curls. People always ask us if  our hair color is natural. Our perfume of choice is SPF 30-plus.  If two of us are in a room at the same time someone will inevitably ask if we are related.  In a sense, we are because we truly know how hard it is to be so blinkin’ awesome.  I LOVE my redheaded sistah’s and  when I’m fortunate enough to have one walk through my doors, good stuff is bound to happen.


Just a phone-pic selfie: Here we are hanging out on my front porch with my highly prized Redhead Barbie! – She looks just like us, doesn’t she?


Because women are so fascinating and multi-dimensional, I developed these Total Woman sessions to capture many different facets of an individual.   We are more than just a pretty face. We are powerful. We are fun. We are joyful. We are intelligent. We are mysterious. We are strong. We are sexy. We are compassionate.  And through it all, we are BEAUTIFUL — but sometimes we forget that part.    Total Woman sessions bring a woman from the BOARDROOM to the BOUDOIR and capture that special beauty forever.  These sessions are good for a woman’s soul.   The images we create also warm the hearts of  our husbands and children, whether they are still young or have already grown up.



Jessica is one amazing woman.  She’s a cross-fit trainer. She’s a wife and the mother of five fantastic sons. That’s just one more reason to adore her.  Red Heads who can raise five sons could rule the world if we wanted to.

 It was beyond fun working with her to create these heirloom images.


 Can you imagine her sharing these  with her grandchildren in the year 2046?   Won’t they love this? What a TREASURE!

What would you give to have lovely photographs of your mother at the age that you are now?

2016-08-15_0003 2016-08-15_0002

2016-08-15_0005 2016-08-15_0004

 And … as we often do after these sessions, we met up at the park  with the loves of her life,  her husband and boys –

 because — well because we just HAD TO create a portrait of the family on the same day  we put together Jessica’s heirloom collection!

 We only had about 10 minutes before the skies opened up and rain started pouring, but that was enough.

These images have been translated to a canvas collection for their beautiful home.

These kids will grow up, but this precious moment in their lives has been frozen in time and they will cherish it — because they will always be able to see it.

Senior Portraits for Brie – Katy Sugar Land Houston Photographer

Senior Portraits for Brie – Katy Sugar Land Houston Photographer

This is Brie. She’s a fresh new graduate of Clements High School in Sugar Land.


And here are the Senior Portraits we created for her  in our Katy/West Houston studio this spring.  Hair and makeup by Rachael Elise Walker, Elise Artistry.

2016-06-09_0002 2016-06-09_0013


I first met this young lady when her mother occasionally brought her to the office or to Relay For Life events when we  worked together at the American Cancer Society.

Mom and I kept very loosely in touch through social media over the years, but I don’t believe we had actually seen each other in person since the day I left that job in 2008. That’s when I took the leap to tackle my photography as a full tim venture.  So, you can imagine how surprised and excited I was when she called to ask about creating these portraits.

Brie’s  a voracious reader and adventurous traveler.  She love to escape into a good book, and she loves even more to travel the world.  She’s been to Europe, to China, and several times to work with families and children in a Romanian mission. As I learned about her varied interests, I started gathering items to create this composite storyboard with globes and books.  I really do love how it all came together!

2016-06-09_0007 2016-06-09_0006 2016-06-09_0005

Brienne’s style?  It’s very Bo-Ho Chic, so it’s perfect that she’s the first person ever photographed soaking up the sun in front of our flower fence.

2016-06-09_0010 2016-06-09_0009 2016-06-09_0008

Now that school is out for the summer, Brie’s looking forward to some more amazing summer traveling. When she gets back, she’ll begin her studies at Baylor University where she’ll study Political Science.

I look for her to become a powerful force in bringing good things to the far corners of this world we all live in.

2016-06-09_0012 2016-06-09_0011

A Love Story Legacy – Katy Houston Photographer

 It started out as a simple thought. Bruce and Linda had not had a portrait taken together in a long long time.

Chances are pretty good that most people who don’t have small kids at home, and many who do, haven’t taken the time to be photographed together either.

They were getting ready to celebrate their 45th anniversary, so Linda called to schedule a portrait session for the two of them.  The longer we talked we realized that a basic portrait just wouldn’t do.  We absolutely needed to capture the very essence of this relationship, and in doing so we needed to create a true heirloom legacy — something to one day be passed along to their grandchildren and to remind them of the joy and the active life and the romantic feelings that these two have for each other.


If you knew this couple, one thing you would know for sure is that they are every bit as much in love  today as they were 45 years ago.  They’ve traveled quite a ways together down this road called life, and they still have a long long way to go.  We decided to spend the better part of a  day together so that we could document a relatively normal day in their life — from breakfast time to a dinner date with some fun stuff thrown into the middle of it all.

Our schedule was a little bit whack-a-d0odle  and out of order, but we were aiming for the essence of a day.  We came pretty close!

To keep things real, westarted out at breakfast time.   Toast and eggs.  T-shirts, newspaper,  and coffee.  It feels like home! That’s for sure. 2015-10-23_0022 2015-10-23_0021


The garden needed a little weeding and trim work, so after breakfast we headed out to the back yard for a little work session.


And then we all  came in to exercise.

 … Ahhhhh!   So that’s how Linda keeps her girlish figure and how Bruce keeps up with her day in and day out.  Did I mention  how much I love love love their energy?


 Most days find Bruce and Linda very-well connected to their tablets and computers where they check up on their grandchildren, their own parents and siblings, and of course their friends.


Have you heard the old adage about the couple that hunts together?  That’ okay.  Neither have I. In fact, aside from my own grandparents, I can’t even think of any other couples I know that both people enjoy a frosty trip out to the lease, but every year they hunt together . . . deer, quail,  elk . . . whatever else it is that people hunt.

 Sooooooo — just for fun we decided to create a Texas Hunting Season parody version of the famous American Gothic painting by Grant Wood.   The house next door to them had a peaked gable that worked nicely for the background.

We laughed and laughed.

Fortunately none of the neighbors came out to find out why we were standing in the middle of the cul-de-sac with camoflauge, hunters’ orange safety gear,  a deer rifle, and antlers, but if they had we would have made up a crazy lie.


I don’t believe that we could have gotten a more accurate facial expression  than Linda’s stern look if we had brought in a professional acting coach.   PRICELESS!  It was so very hard to keep a straight face.

On another note . . .  did you know that Bruce is actually ONE SUPER COOL GRAMPA?  Well, he IS!    His granddaughter is learning how to drive, and when he takes her out to practice, he lets her drive his “baby,” this classic Porsche convertible.   Granddaughter wasn’t with us when we were shooting, but we still made sure to save time for a drive to the park.   THIS, my friends,  is one sweet ride!


It was a beautiful day to put the top down and enjoy the breezes, and also to take a walk through the park.

2015-10-23_0032 2015-10-23_0031

As a highlight to our very active day,  we brought my makeup artist, Cintya Velderrain right to Linda’s own boudoir for a special hair and makeup session so that she could be her loveliest in time for their at-home date night.

2015-10-23_0028 For date night, Bruce and Linda prepared a delicate chicken piccatta  with broccoli and artisan bread.  Of course they  washed it down with some red wine.

Bruce is a fantastic chef, and he makes a mean chocolate martini too, but that’s a story for another time. 2015-10-23_0026   2015-10-23_0027

Dinner and dancing –  Forty-five years of marriage — and the romance between these two is still palpable.  There’s something very very special about the way the look into each others eyes.


We took all these beautiful images and a few more and bound them together into a lovely album to showcase their unique relationship and the love that has carried them through the years.

Happy anniversary Bruce and Linda!  You are a most special couple.  I absolutely  love you to pieces!


Senior Portraits for Chloe – Katy Houston Photographer


I don’t know where to begin when I talk about Chloe.  Maybe this is one of those times where a picture really is worth a thousand words.

For a little background,  I’ve known Chloe’s family for quite some time, and was honored beyond belief when I got to accompany them to the airport with my camera several years ago to pick up her dad after he finished his final overseas military deployment.  Those old images still bring tears to my eyes when I go back through them!

And then a year ago, I got to create Chloe’s sister’s senior portraits.

So, you probably can imagine how much I was looking forward to this photoshoot.


 Chloe’s a natural beauty in that fresh-scrubbed girl next door sort of style, so even when she arrived bare-faced after school, she looked gorgeous.

Then, but after a little time in the chair here at the studio with hair and makeup artist,  Cintya, she absolutely GLOWED!



We built a lovely portrait album from her session, and Chloe chose some scriptures that are special to her for several of the pages. 2015-07-22_0017


Won’t she have fun looking at these and sharing them with her children and her nieces and nephews one day?

Oh, the leaf-drop!  We threw leaves in the air over and over again until we could get a frame where the leaves were in the air but not blocking her face, and her eyes were open.

Of course it took us even longer because we were both laughing so hard!





 In addition to being a very bright student, Chloe also runs cross country.

2015-07-22_0016 2015-07-22_0015 2015-07-22_0014


Chloe is a young woman who sees God’s love everywhere she looks — and she reflects that  love and joy back to others thousand-fold. She’s spent her summer serving as a youth-group intern for her church, working with kids here in town and on mission trips.

Before long she will be on her way to East Texas Baptist University in Marshall where she will continue to grow in grace as she continues her education.

Every Woman Needs To Do This – Katy Houston Photographer

Ladies, I’m going to ask you a very important question.

When is the last time YOU took the time to have photographs taken of yourself?

I don’t mean just a quick vacation snapshot or a bathroom selfie.  I mean, when is the last time that you put the effort into it and worked with a photographer who would consult with you on wardrobe then bring in a  hair and makeup artist to enhance your very best features — a photographer who would take the time to coach you on posing and who would light you beautifully?


Chances are it’s been a very very VERY  long time if EVER!

After all, you’ve got other things to worry about.  The kids are growing up and about to leave the nest. You work full time and then you volunteer for umpteen organizations that push you and pull you every which way.  Or,maybe you think  a special portrait session would be nice, but you’re uncomfortable because this would be pampering in the ultimate form — and you would feel a little bit  narcissistic going in.  And of course there are those extra few pounds that you want to drop first.   — Yep.  I know. I’ve heard it all.

But think of it another way.

What would you give to have a collection of lovely photographs of your own mother or your grandmother at the age you are right now.  Being photographed at your best — at the age you are NOW is probably one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself AND to the people who love you the most.  HECK!  If you’re fortunate enough to still have your mother or grandmother, wouldn’t you love to have a collection of beautiful portraits of them NOW?

So…  let me tell you a story about something that happened not too long ago in my studio.

Thanks to the social media phenomenon, I reconnected by Facebook over the past few years with some people that I had not heard from in a long time. Among them were people that I went to high school with.

One night I received a private message from one of my classmates asking if I would take pictures of her.  Honestly, I didn’t think it would happen.  We went to high school together in Midland, graduating about 35 years ago.  She’s a nurse, living and working in Fort Worth.  My studio is in Houston.   Texas is a huge state y’all.  That puts us at about a five hour drive apart.

We talked, and she confided that she was nervous about the whole concept but  that she felt like she could TRUST ME with her image.  Like so many women, Tami is very good at caring for other people  as a critical care nurse.  She has spent countless years putting  the needs of her patients and her family before her own. She had not been good about treating herself with the respect she deserved.  She was one of the myriad of women who struggled with body image and with not feeling pretty — OH MY does that sound like YOU?  I can certainly identify!

We scheduled an appointment, and consulted further by phone.



Tami took my  advice. She shopped for new clothes and accessories. She had her hair cut and colored and she got a manicure too.  She made arrangements to come to Houston and to stay in town the night before and the night after our session so that she would be rested and relaxed the morning of our appointment.   I cleared my schedule so that we could preview her portraits before she had to go back home.

AND THEN She drove from her home in Fort Worth to Houston.

BEFORE — well sort of. This was actually a snapshot of a happy Tami the day AFTER our portrait session. This is how she looks on a normal good day. Don’tcha just love that sweet smile?

A huge part of our Elegance portrait sessions at SPCcreative Photography  is a professional hair and makeup session, and one of my favorite makeup artists is  Rachael Elise Walker, owner of Elise Artistry.  Rachael comes right to my studio where she brings her sweet calming personality, her airbrush makeup tools and her arsenal of colors and brushes  and hair tools and her amazing skills.  Her work is nearly magical!



As we previewed the photographs the next day, I caught a tear sliding out of Tami’s  eye, and my own heart danced as I reached for the Kleenex box.   — YES!  Tami finally saw how beautiful she really is and THAT is the most joyful part of my job.  THAT is what I strive for every day.







It was so much fun catching up with Tami after all those years. Yes, we both still have remnants of our 17 year old selves, but we both have developed deep rich character traits that only come with age and experience.  I learned about her family, and how much she absolutely ADORES her neices.  We caught up on mutual friends — and decided that the folks who grew up with us in Midland, Texas back in the 70′s are genuinely a special lot — and that we are indeed blessed.

Looking at these images makes my heart happy.  I want to do it again but this time I want to do it for YOU.  Give me a call. Let’s talk!

Maggi’s Senior Portraits – Katy Houston Photographer

It’s official!  My seniors simply have the most beautiful smiles.  That’s all there is to it.

Meet Maggi.  Taylor High School Class of 2014.

I’ve known Maggi for several years.  She is one of “MY” Color Guard Gals, and I’ve always been in awe of how photogenic she is from that movie-star smile to her sparkly eyes.  You can imagine how thrilled I was when she called to schedule her portrait session.

We had a little bit of fun.  Maggi is quite the fashionista!

I fell in love with her gold and taupe maxi dress.  It’s dressy and casual at the same time.  She could wear this absolutely ANYWHERE and be the picture of class.  It looked great both in the indoor studio . . .

and outside in the warehouse.

Even out in the garden . . .

Then after a quick change we hit the SPCcreative Beach House.  Quaint, huh?

Her breezy orange and white top, paired with white jeans, was perfect for the beachy  setting, but  I’ll never be able to look at these pictures without suddenly craving a big juicy Whataburger.

Yep —  Whataburger . . . that was her word, not mine.   Cutest Whataburger gal I’ve ever seen.

Maggi has a style and personality that can pull off any look, from Golden-Globe-Worthy couture  right down to Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Chic, and it’s been a joy to follow her through her high school career and to create her senior portraits for her.

Congratulations, Maggi, on your upcoming graduation.  Spring break is just around the corner, and I hope you have a FABULOUS time and that you get in some good R&R.

 The next few weeks will be a whirlwind, but at least your senior portraits are  one thing that’s in the bag and crossed off your to-do list.  Now, go have some FUN!

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