Senior Portraits for Caroline – Katy Houston Photographer

If there ever was an All American Girl, it would be Caroline!

How lucky am I that I got to create her senior portraits? 2016-02-21_0011

Caroline will graduate this spring from Cinco Ranch High School where she’s been involved in so many activities I can hardly keep track.

She plays clarinet in the band.   She’s a member of the Good Sportsmanship Club, the Cinco Sweethearts, Senior Women, and she’s been a Cougar Challenge Officer for three years, reaching out to other schools about ways to help ensure  that all students feel accepted and included.



I love to see how the most involved and well-rounded students are the ones who reach beyond their own communities!



Not too long ago, Caroline and her mother took small group of swimming instructors to Brazil because they had learned that the incidence of child drownings there was very high.  These women worked to teach young moms in the villages  how to swim and more importantly to teach them how to train their children how to respond if they fell into the water or got into a dangerous water situation.

She may never know how many young lives are saved because of this trip, but I’ll bet it makes a huge difference in the lives of several families.


After graduation, Caroline is Baylor Bound where she plans to study marketing.

While she could go to work in her family business, she is keeping her options open.


After all, there’s a big bold world out there with opportunities we have never thought of yet.

2016-02-21_0014 2016-02-21_0015


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Caroline.  I can’t wait to see what you do with your brains and your sweet spirit.

Thank you for allowing me to create your senior portraits for you.  I hope you and your family enjoy them for many many years!

Mother Daughter Portraits Last a Lifetime-Katy Houston Photographer

Hair and Makeup by Rachael Elise Walker — Elise Artistry

Some people are simply so  full of life and adventure that you never know what’s going to happen when they get creative, but you know that it’s going to be fun.  Originally we had planned to only photograph Mary, the mom in this series. BUT — as we worked through our consultation, we realized that we would all be missing out if we didn’t bring her daughter into the session as well — and I am so glad we did.

This is something I believe EVERY mother and daughter should do tpgether. Not only did they get to spend an afternoon laughing and playing “dress-up”  together, they both looked AMAZING when they left the studio for dinner..

I secretly wished I could have tagged along just to watch people’s reaction as they walked by.  Stay with me, and you’ll see why!

AND _ to top it off, they’ll have fabulous heirloom images of each other to treasure for ever.


 R is a gorgeous young teen.  She is sweet, quiet and soft-spoken … UNTIL she unleashes her inner goth. It may seem like an oxymoron, but  when she turns on her dark side,  THAT is  when she really lights up.

We started out our session with a nice casual feel,  and with the help of  our in-studio makeup artist and stylist, Rachael Walker, we  worked our way up from there.

2015-10-23_0037 2015-10-23_0036



Mary took a more formal route . . .


Isn’t she lovely?


But she was a great sport about letting R play out her inner rock goddess complete with blue hair extensions and super-dramatic makeup.


Very moody, huh? 2015-10-23_0042 2015-10-23_0048

Because  Mike Chetty  and I raised five sons, we have a collection of old band instruments in our closets.

Most are in better shape than this old French Horn that had been previously destined to the trash heap, but  I love how well it played into our theme.   We didn’t  have to worry about damaging it, and I am super glad it found its way into my prop closet!

2015-10-23_0047 2015-10-23_0046 2015-10-23_0045 2015-10-23_0044 2015-10-23_0043

This was by FAR one of my favorite sessions in a long time.  I can’t wait to do another concept escalation based on creativity and dreams.  There’s one in the planning stages now, and I would  love to create one for YOU as well.

Flavia’s Flavors – Houston Small Business Photographer

Flavia’s Flavors – Houston Small Business Photographer

Meet Flavia,  you’re going to love what she’s been  cooking up for you.Flavia 5

Some readers may be familiar with the blog she began writing back in 2009.   Flavia’s Flavors   was chock full of her yummy cooking and pretty pictures– and let me tell you, Flavia knows her way around the kitchen.

Throughout those years of writing and traveling, Flavia kept coming back to her true passion, the Italian food that she grew up with.  So after much soul searching and research to develop a style that is truly her own, she took the last few months to completely re-brand and re-style the blog.  She took down all of her old recipes and kitchen secrets and has started fresh with a bold crisp clean style and a razor-sharp focus on purely Italian cuisine.

In the new blog, we’ll dive deep  into her Italian Kitchen and  cuisine.  We’ll be alongside Flavia as she is — cooking — writing — and soon TEACHING cooking classes in her GORGEOUS kitchen or in yours.   Her  hands-on classes will include specific regional home-style recipes and techniques  as well as classic traditional favorites.  YUM!  I can hardly wait to gather up a few of my close friends for a Flavia’s Flavors class.

Flavia 4

When she told me about her rebranding plan and her classes, I thought it was a great idea, and couldn’t wait to see her thrive. THEN . . .she asked me to photograph her so that she would have fresh bright images to populate her blog.  Ummmm yes thank you.  I was THRILLED.  We spent a delightful  morning together  creating a few bright and cheery portraits — and THEN she started chopping tomatoes, garlic, and basil to create a tray of bruschetta toast.

I believe I INHALED more than my share.  Soooo very very delicioso!

Check out HER post where she talks about our shoot HERE! 

Flavia 3

I first met Flavia a couple of years ago along with several AMAZING bloggers and social media masterminds who live in the Katy area, and I liked her from the beginning.  What’s not to like?  She is gorgeous, poised, sweet, kind, talented  and oh so very nice.
Flavia 2

Once when I needed some help  figuring out how to integrate my own social media workflow, Flavia was the one who invited me to sit down with her and learn how she does it. Seriously saved my sanity — or what little there was left of it.

Flavia 7

Flavia 8

Thank you, Flavia, for allowing me into your beautiful Italian home. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us as this blog and class takes off.  Please count me among your biggest fans.

Be sure to check out her blog and subscribe to it.  You’ll find her at

Flavia 9

Celebrating Tina – Houston Women’s Photographer

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  EVERY woman should make sure that she exists in pictures.

This is how Tina celebrated her 40th birthday, and we had such a great time hanging out in my studio with  makeup artist,  Rachael Elise Walker of Elise Artistry  as we took Tina from the before to the boardroom to the boudoir.


I first met Tina a year and a half or two years ago, and we have continued to run into each other occasionally because … well, Houston is just a big little town.


Tina is absolutely one of the sweetest people EVER… She’s got a heart of gold, and spends her days helping people solve their problems.  By the time she turned 40, it was time to do something for HER, and I’m so glad she did.

We started her out with some business casual outfits and transitioned to a gorgeous teal cocktail dress.


But of everything we did, my favorite was when she slipped into something more  evening-oriented.  And she ROCKED it!

Absolutely ROCKED!

2015-02-17_0002 2015-02-17_0004 2015-02-17_0003

She also brought in a very sentimental dress,

the one she was wearing the night that she and her husband got engaged .

How could we NOT include it in our session? 2015-02-17_0001

And toward the end of the evening,

her husband met her here for a few more pictures and a little dancing before heading out on a special date night together.

 2015-02-16_0005 2015-02-16_0006

Soooooo much fun!  This is one of my favorite sessions ever to date.  They  just keep getting better and better!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE helping women create a legacy of themselves at their very best.

Yes … you SHOULD!

Is it Time to Update Your Headshot? West Houston Corporate Photographer

Welcome to this brand  spankin’ new year! It’s a great time for a fresh clean start.

January  is when we  all step back to look at our brand new blank calendars as we reassess our habits and  goals for the next 12 months.

It’s also a great time to pay attention to the image we present of ourselves, and one place to start is with the profile picture or headshot that we use in business communications and social media.

This is especially important for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

So… what does your headshot say about you?  Is it a five-year-old bathroom selfie?  Are you about three hairstyles beyond the last photograph?    Does your go-to photograph  say who you really are?

Do you even HAVE a go-to photograph?

If not, let’s fix it. NOW.  This month we’re running ONE HECKUVA SPECIAL on business headshots that can also double as your social media profile picture.  

   If you want the full deal with professional hair and makeup on location or in my studio, we’ve got you covered.


Do you need corporate environmental portraits to portray the essence of your profession?

2015-01-13_00072015-01-13_0009 2015-01-13_0004


Or will a simple traditional portrait  take care of your needs?



 I firmly believe that the image you present is extremely important.

That’s why we are  offering a New Years Special through the month of January on professional headshots.

A basic business style headshot session in studio typically runs $15o, but if you book before January 31, it will only be $100.  We’ll make it quick and painless as we create several great looks from which to choose.

We are also offering specials this month for  groups and on-location business portraits

So… what are you waiting for? It doesn’t get any better than this!

Pick up your phone and call SPCcreative Photography today  281.773.7465. We’ll answer any questions you have, and we will make sure that YOU put YOUR best face forward in 2015.

Every Woman Needs To Do This – Katy Houston Photographer

Ladies, I’m going to ask you a very important question.

When is the last time YOU took the time to have photographs taken of yourself?

I don’t mean just a quick vacation snapshot or a bathroom selfie.  I mean, when is the last time that you put the effort into it and worked with a photographer who would consult with you on wardrobe then bring in a  hair and makeup artist to enhance your very best features — a photographer who would take the time to coach you on posing and who would light you beautifully?


Chances are it’s been a very very VERY  long time if EVER!

After all, you’ve got other things to worry about.  The kids are growing up and about to leave the nest. You work full time and then you volunteer for umpteen organizations that push you and pull you every which way.  Or,maybe you think  a special portrait session would be nice, but you’re uncomfortable because this would be pampering in the ultimate form — and you would feel a little bit  narcissistic going in.  And of course there are those extra few pounds that you want to drop first.   — Yep.  I know. I’ve heard it all.

But think of it another way.

What would you give to have a collection of lovely photographs of your own mother or your grandmother at the age you are right now.  Being photographed at your best — at the age you are NOW is probably one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself AND to the people who love you the most.  HECK!  If you’re fortunate enough to still have your mother or grandmother, wouldn’t you love to have a collection of beautiful portraits of them NOW?

So…  let me tell you a story about something that happened not too long ago in my studio.

Thanks to the social media phenomenon, I reconnected by Facebook over the past few years with some people that I had not heard from in a long time. Among them were people that I went to high school with.

One night I received a private message from one of my classmates asking if I would take pictures of her.  Honestly, I didn’t think it would happen.  We went to high school together in Midland, graduating about 35 years ago.  She’s a nurse, living and working in Fort Worth.  My studio is in Houston.   Texas is a huge state y’all.  That puts us at about a five hour drive apart.

We talked, and she confided that she was nervous about the whole concept but  that she felt like she could TRUST ME with her image.  Like so many women, Tami is very good at caring for other people  as a critical care nurse.  She has spent countless years putting  the needs of her patients and her family before her own. She had not been good about treating herself with the respect she deserved.  She was one of the myriad of women who struggled with body image and with not feeling pretty — OH MY does that sound like YOU?  I can certainly identify!

We scheduled an appointment, and consulted further by phone.



Tami took my  advice. She shopped for new clothes and accessories. She had her hair cut and colored and she got a manicure too.  She made arrangements to come to Houston and to stay in town the night before and the night after our session so that she would be rested and relaxed the morning of our appointment.   I cleared my schedule so that we could preview her portraits before she had to go back home.

AND THEN She drove from her home in Fort Worth to Houston.

BEFORE — well sort of. This was actually a snapshot of a happy Tami the day AFTER our portrait session. This is how she looks on a normal good day. Don’tcha just love that sweet smile?

A huge part of our Elegance portrait sessions at SPCcreative Photography  is a professional hair and makeup session, and one of my favorite makeup artists is  Rachael Elise Walker, owner of Elise Artistry.  Rachael comes right to my studio where she brings her sweet calming personality, her airbrush makeup tools and her arsenal of colors and brushes  and hair tools and her amazing skills.  Her work is nearly magical!



As we previewed the photographs the next day, I caught a tear sliding out of Tami’s  eye, and my own heart danced as I reached for the Kleenex box.   — YES!  Tami finally saw how beautiful she really is and THAT is the most joyful part of my job.  THAT is what I strive for every day.







It was so much fun catching up with Tami after all those years. Yes, we both still have remnants of our 17 year old selves, but we both have developed deep rich character traits that only come with age and experience.  I learned about her family, and how much she absolutely ADORES her neices.  We caught up on mutual friends — and decided that the folks who grew up with us in Midland, Texas back in the 70′s are genuinely a special lot — and that we are indeed blessed.

Looking at these images makes my heart happy.  I want to do it again but this time I want to do it for YOU.  Give me a call. Let’s talk!

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