Baby Day

With a baby in the room, it’s bound to be a good day.  Especially if that baby is as sweet and cuddly as little Benjamin.

I love babies at any age, but think four months is a fabulous age for a photo shoot.  They’re still little and they stay in one place, but they’ve started discovering the world, and they’re usually fascinated by their fingers and toes.    They make eye contact.  They smile and laugh, and they reach for bright and shiny objects.

We played and took photos for a while, until he decided that he was hungry, but he packed a bottle away in no time flat and we got right back to shooting.    For the bathtime images, we put a yellow rubber duckie just out of his reach on  top of a folded white towel and let him go for it.  He’s not mobile just yet, but it won’t be long before he’ll be scooting all over the place.

It’s easy to see why this little guy is the apple of his mom’s eye.

Here’s a video with more pictures from our day.

And by the end of our appointment, I felt like I had plenty of photos for mom and dad to choose from, and this totally yummy little guy was DONE.  

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