Is Boudoir for You? Of Course It Is. Special Sessions June 11-12

Boudoir — cool word, but just what is it? boudoir [ˈbuːdwɑː -dwɔː] noun — meaning a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. It’s derived from the French language and means literally a room for sulking or pouting.

With boudoir photography we create beautiful and sensuous photographs of a woman.  The images are sexy, sassy, sultry, seductive, and always classy. They make a perfect gift for the lady to present  to the one man in her life — or simply to keep to herself and treasure, knowing that she is indeed as beautiful on the OUTSIDE as she is on the inside. While boudoir is a wonderful gift for a new bride to present to her husband, most of the women I photograph are between 40 and 60 years of age — women who have paid their dues.

Check out this little video compiled of shots from some recent studio sessions.  These women are not models, just normal women who have graciously agreed to help showcase some of my work.


So . . . is Boudoir for you? If you’re over 21 years of age the answer is yes. This is not about losing those 10 extra pounds or wishing away some well-earned character lines. We will set up the poses that are most flattering to your body type, and we’ll play on YOUR unique personality.    We’ll accentuate your best assets and smooth out the rough edges.

Ladies — it’s your time! You’ve earned it, and it’s all about you.

So — for June 11 -12 I have reserved a sleek and sexy hotel room  in West Houston for a boudoir photography marathon.  We’ll have floor to ceiling windows for incredible light, hardwood floors and ultra modern super-cool furnishings.   Participants get two hours of private photography time with four different outfits.  Come alone or bring a friend.  Better yet, schedule a consecutive session with a friend for a super- fun shared experience. Available appointments are limited so contact me quickly for more information and to reserve your time.

What better excuse to start shopping for your stilettos and sexy outfits?

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