Waterside Heiroglyphics

A seawlall mural portrays the petroleum industry and its importance to the area.

Our Bible Study group was discussing some community service projects last week, and one of the members suggested painting over some graffiti. While his suggestion is certainly worthwhile, and valuable, the photographer sitting in my chair had to bite my tongue to keep from asking where it was and if it was any good.

I’m always looking for colorful and different locations for photo sessions. In our suburban community, we have beautiful homes with manicured lawns, generic parks, and only a minimal amount of that edgy quality that I call urban grit. So, when I find brightly painted graffiti with designs and no dirty words, I want to stop the car and go play. Recently we spent the day in Galveston, and the graffiti was glorious.

Perhaps it’s not the image that the Visitors Bureau wants to promote, but my visit was all the richer thanks to some genuinely talented artists and a few punks armed with cans of spray paint.

Beneath the Flagship

Beach Love on Pink Steps

I’ve been stalling out on adding my first post to this blog. Larry, my designer put up the first one. Now that I”m working through it, my list of questions for him is getting longer. In any case, I never said the blog would be perfect, only that it would be fun. Layout on this one looks like it will be a little wacky — but we’re going with it anyway.

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