Lovin’ That Dress Again

Long before I ever met Anikka, I knew I liked her bold and fun-loving spirit. Then after I learned that she wraps up a rough day by putting on her wedding dress to sit on the sofa and drink a beer, I decided she would make a great candidate for a Trash the Dress Session. And was I ever right! She jumped at the idea and even invited her good friend Kisha to join us.  I’m so glad she did too.   The more the merrier . . . We had tons of fun, laughing and playing all morning and we thoroughly enjoyed providing a little free entertainment for passers by who loved seeing such well-dressed ladies in very casual locations.

The term “Trash the Dress” is a bit of a misnomer. While some women are willing to stain, shred, or even burn their dresses, most just want to put them on again, play, and get some non-traditional images of themselves having a good time in their dream dresses. After all, there is a dry cleaner on nearly every corner of our city and most of these dresses even come out looking as good as new after a  bathtub hand wash or a gentle cycle in the washing machine.

We met early on a Saturday morning and headed down to a pretty little bridge for the first part of our session.

It takes strength and fortitude  to spend too much time in a low creek bed during a Houston summer day.  We’re renown in this part of the world for our heat and humidity anyway, and by climbing down the banks where no breezes can reach we had to remind ourselves that some people  pay good money to sit in saunas. Before long we decided that we were healthy and well-steamed, so we moved along to a nearby open field.  Trash the dress is all about fantasy though, so let’s call it a meadow instead.  That just sounds better.

Since we were photographing in a  newly developed area, we couldn’t resist a chance to explore a nearby home that was under construction.    The light in there was phenomenal, but because the external walls had already been put up, we again had no breeze at all.  Our respect for construction workers  jumped tenfold.

With only a few construction images, we walked out of the house as  the construction crews arrived.

They laughed.  We left — and headed for the lake.

As I mentioned before, some women embrace the idea of actually “trashing” their dresses.  While I never expect this of my brides,  I will not turn down the opportunity either. Kisha had brought a can of hot pink spray paint to end our session.  I asked her three times if she was sure she wanted to do this, and each time her enthusiasm grew.  Anikka changed clothes so that her own dress would still  be suitable for her next hard day’s night and then the spraying ensued.

We have tentative plans for Part II with these ladies and their phenomenal dresses before the end of the summer.  If it all pans out, you won’t want to miss the results.


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