The Right Time? Now, of Course


Everyone expects their senior year in high school to fly by in record time, but come graduation, they all realize that it went even faster than they ever expected. With graduation festivities behind her, Kristyn, a 2010 graduate of Cinco Ranch High School  realized that she she still needed a good set of  portraits before heading off to college, so she gave me a call.

I’m so glad she did too.

We met at a park early one morning with skies threatening rain  and a humidity level that threatened every trick  known to moisture.  Fogged lenses, frizzy hair,  and  just downright steamy conditions are the norm for Houston mornings, and this day was only a little more extreme than the rest.   We were able to get a few outdoor images in the slow drizzle  before quickly winding up our session under the shelter of a covered picnic area and an underground walkway.

I had recently picked up a colorful umbrella to use as a prop — so I was delighted to pull it out for a while.

With all those bright hues and Kristyn’s sunny outlook, we managed to pretty-well banish any rainy day blues.

Nice Day for Ducks — Seriously

Note to self:  Always carry duck food for park sessions.  You never know when you might need it.

This funny little guy followed us around pecking at our feet the whole time we were shooting, but every time we tried to build a good picture around him (or her), he just ran off quacking. The quacks sounded more like laughs if you ask me, and it was like he was playing a game with us.  The punky topknot on his head made us both laugh right back at him too.

Rainy-Day shoots are fun.  They create unique opportunities  but it’s oh so tricky to deliberately schedule them.

Still, I do look forward to doing more in the very near future, especially with clients as easygoing and pleasant as Kristyn was.

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