Catch ’em when you Can

“Didn’t I just walk them into Kindergarten last week?”

It’s something I’ve heard my friends all across the country saying over the last few days as they’ve sent their kiddos off to college.    Truth is, the time really does fly and our nests begin to empty before wer’re really ready.   Betty, however, is a very wise mom.  She knew that her college age daughter who was home for the summer would be out the door again  in a few short weeks and that her two younger sons would be right behind her in the blink of an eye.

We met at  Peckham Park for a portrait session earlier this summer, and our  portraits with all three kids together will only become more and more precious over the years.

I absolutely love to see how different families interact with each other.  They laughed, shared private jokes and all had a wonderful attitude.

Barefoot portraits are something I love for a number of reasons, and that’s what we chose to do for this session.

Still the flip flops that we used to move from one location to the next were just hard to resist.

And there’s nothing more fun or endearing than a memory of kids who aren’t afraid to ham it up for the camera.

Kudos Sis!  Thanks for the eyes!   And guys, thank you for playing along.


  1. LOVE the blog and the pics look fabulous! nice work!!

  2. Thank you Mary Beth.

  3. Love these photos! I think the aerial view is my favorite.

  4. Awwww J! Thank you so much. They were trying to guess how long I could stand up there without falling — and if I did, who would I land on?

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