A Senior Album Keeps Memories in One Place

How exciting for the class of 2011!  You have just started your final semester of high school.  It’s going to fly by too, so buckle up for the ride and have a great time.

When I get to schedule band kids for senior portraits, I always get super excited.  It means they’ll probably show up with musical instruments and maybe  even their letter jackets in addition to a great selection of clothes and personal props.  Fort he record, flute players always hold a special place in my heart. That’s because I was once one myself, — but that was back in the day when we rode dinosaurs to school.

It doesn’t hurt at all if these kids  are drop-dead gorgeous like Hillary.    She was such a natural, self-assured and fun to work with.  We changed clothes several times, and laughed  lot while we tried out some of the brand new background sets that my wonderful husband recently built for me.

The end result?  Some awesome wall portraits for her parents, personalized graduation announcements, and a beautiful hard-bound coffee table book that I am delighted to share here.

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  1. excellent job shelly! beautiful images and layout on this book!

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