A Wide Angle View of the Houston Stock Show

So, the Hubster and I had a Date .

We spent a lovely springtime  afternoon strolling the midway at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo where there was no shortage of color.

Mike’s a great sport about my camera habit.  He knows that if he doesn’t keep an eye on me, I will stop and get lost or wander off in to  anything that looks interesting. What I like most, though, is how he has learned to stop and stand right behind me if I suddenly  squat down to the ground to get a low perspective on something.  He’s wonderful about guarding  for baby strollers and roving bands of pre-teens  who could all run me down in a heartbeat.

For our Stock Show Afternoon, I decided to give my new 16-35 mm wide angle lens a serious test-drive.  It was  the only lens I carried for the day.    In fact, my backpack was so light that we felt better once we purchased a couple of cokes, drank a few sips and then tossed the bottles  into the pack to enjoy later.

Wide angle photography is really a new thing to me.    This lens is all about the big picture.   So . . . here are a few fun images from   our day, starting with the midway.

Getting There:  One for the Money! 

Two For the Show — and  What a Show it was.    We enjoyed some Mutton Bustin’, Heifer Judging and Smiling Pigs (which I learned are called Market Barrows) sleeping in their stalls.

This young lady, above, and her cow were the best of friends.  They made me smile as she rubbed the cow’s head and it nuzzled her right back.

No show would be complete without tons of Fair Food.    You name it . . . somebody was frying it.

And Every Young Princess Needs Pink Boots and a hat  to go to the Rodeo.  Somebody had a very special day! Of course I’m assuming the vendors meant no pictures of PEOPLE WEARING these HATS.

You KNOW I would never want to break a rule.  ; D


  1. Love the pictures. Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks George! We had a great time. So many colors and TONS to see.

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