Girlfriends Gather to Giggle as They Fight Domestic Violence

A “Big Girls Pajama Party”  That’s how it’s touted, and it’s really a great way to describe the Girlfriends Giggle, held every year in Sugar Land to support the Fort Bend Women’s Center.

Where else can bunches of professional business-women run around in matching Jammies while they get manicures, pedicures, henna tattoos , massages, and more?

They shop, they eat and drink, they laugh . . . and of course they  all  stop by my photo booth for a group portrait.

This is one event where humor and creativity rule, and I’m so proud to be a part of  it all for three years in a row.

Some of my favorite groups at Giggle included the Village People; my Lovely Charlies Angel Assistants - Susan, Heidi, and Rebecca; The Get Your Giggle On Pajama Contest Winners; and The Charming Ladies of Mardi Gras.

Coming back to GIGGLE year after year, one of the greatest rewards is hearing people say how much they enjoyed the photographs that they ordered over the last two years. But the REALLY REALLY best part is getting phone calls from these ladies afterward when they schedule their weddings, family portraits  and  powerful-sexy lady boudoir photography parties.

Now THAT is a RUSH!

The Bale Law Firm ,  acts as a major sponsor of the event, providing  a nice chunk of funding to make the GIGGLE possible, and their ladies have come by my booth every year for pictures. Now they tell me that they have a whole collection of Girlfriends Giggle photographs on display in their office. How’s that for community spirit! I love these ladies  enjoying milk and cookies above with bright shiny smiles, tiaras and  red satin jammies.    One other sponsor that was oh-so-fun to meet was Jan Loggins of J Loggins Jewelers She provided a lovely bracelet as a doorprize, and here she is  above with her team and the lucky winner!

Okay . . . a few more  favorite groups from the evening.

Did YOU get your Giggle On this year? If so, you’ll want to be sure to pick up your Giggle Portraits before the end of March.

Just scroll to the top of this page, go to PROOFS and then select EVENTS.

If you didn’t get to Giggle this year, there’s always 2012.  Start planning NOW so that you will be in on the fun too!

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