Senior Portrait Album is Good for a Mom’s Heart

So . . .  I just delivered another senior album  to a recent graduate and his mom.

My job has lots of favorite parts, but one of the biggest rushes EVER is the delivery process.  I get downright giddy to watch a mom  beam and actually shout with joy when she puts her hands for the first time on the canvas wall portraits of her practically grown child.  Seeing the kids themselves beam as they  look over mom’s shoulder while she exclaims every single time she slowly turns the pages of the new shiny album . . . well,

WOW!  THIS, my friends, is why I love doing what I do!

Senior portraits are a HUGE tradition in this part of the country.   For most kids, this is the last opportunity they’ll have to be photographed professionally until (and if) they choose to get married.  That’s why we take the time to explore the their personalities and make a fun-filled event out of their photo sessions.  Even the boys who don’t usually start out too excited about “having pictures made” all admit — out loud no less — that they actually had a great time during their session.

Afterwards, we have tons of great images.  Selecting just a few is oh-so-hard, but I have some great solutions.  The absolute favorites become canvases and wrap prints for the wall, they go into custom graduation announcements, and of course gifts for   grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings.    Everyone loves tons of  different wallet prints for passing out to friends.  AND  there’s nothing more exhilarating than taking the rest of our images, the ones that make us smile, the ones that make us laugh,  the ones that make our eyes mist up, and compiling them into an heirloom book or album so that we can enjoy them all for YEARS and YEARS to come.

Here are some pages from Michael’s album that I just delivered.

Michael, who is enjoying his summer looked totally different the other day when I delivered his book.  He’s fishing a lot, and sporting an oh-so-handsome  Hollywood-worthy beard.   That’s something you just don’t get by with in high school.  He’ll soon be packing his gear and heading off to college, but his parents have some great prints on their walls an an amazing  album to look at every time they get a little wistful.    The holidays will come soon, and I hope he’ll come by for a visit while he’s home, because MY seniors become MY kids  . . . and I get a little wistful too.


  1. Great Album Shelly….love the variety of poses and backgrounds and your capture of his handsome, happy smile! I can almost hear his mom’s gasp from here!

  2. Awwww… thank you sweet Hillary!

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