Best Friends Forever – Photography for Friends and Sisters – Katy West Houston

The Senior year in high school is filled with traditions and fun. It’s  also a time when friends who grew up together shriek with excitement when they open acceptance letters from colleges and universities across the country.

That means everyone is heading off in different directions VERY SOON.

How can we make the fun and games last forever?  How can we keep the love and laughter flowing when we all go separate ways?

These Taylor High School Seniors found an answer when they all got together for the super crazy SPCcreative BFF Photo Session.

We laughed and laughed and laughed.  What a Fun Afternoon

Yes, the ceiling still has a hot-pink paint stain.  Yes, I do plan on doing it again.  Who’s in?

And if we put some tunes to everything, it gets even better! Check out our video.

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