Delightfully Mysterious Michiko — Katy West Houston Senior Photographer

Fresh as a Sunflower!  That’s Michi!

But, what’s the old adage about the shoemaker’s children going barefoot?

The plumber’s house having leaky pipes?  The baker’s family eating  day-old bread?

Well, it’s kind of true in real life too.

Some of you may recognize Michiko.  At weddings and at some weekend sessions,   she’s my amazing assistant, my right hand, my brain, my partner in crime.  When my husband and I travel, she even steps in as my dog-sitter . . . and she’s  become a very dear friend too. Unfortunately, her senior session got put to the back burner and never made it to my blog.  SO, it’s about time we show these off, don’t you think?

I won’t say how long ago we created these images, but let’s  just say that she is  now enjoying  and thriving in  her second semester at The University of Houston.

Sometimes the “outtakes” are just too fun to delete.  Adelaide absolute adores Michiko . . . and I think the love probably  cuts both ways.


For  the “unique item” in her portrait wardrobe, Michi selected a Japanese silk blouse that  belonged to her grandmother who passed away not too long ago.   Their relationship was super close, and I think Grandmother would  very very proud.

We accessorized with a paper parasol and an heirloom fan then headed  toward the bamboo wall in my outdoor portrait park.

And as always we made a little video of her proofs.  Catchy little tune if you ask me, and more great shots of Michi!  Check it out.

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