Lela’s Senior Portraits — Just LOVELY! Katy West Houston Senior Photography

When my seniors show up  for their portrait sessions with creative ideas of their own,   I can’t help but get  super excited.  It’s just plain FUN to help build their ideas into a unique piece of art for their homes.

Turns out that Lela, who  serves as editor for “The Mane Event,” her high school’s student newspaper, is also an avid photographer and a huge fan of  the Snoopy Writer character from Peanuts.

She and her parents built a Snoopy Doghouse out of foam board, and brought it along for her portrait session.

We started out in-studio where we paired the doghouse with my grandmother’s antique (or should I say vintage?) typewriter  Then in post-production, I designed a highly caffeinated composite image just for her.

Bringing Lela’s love of writing and photography to REAL life, we included her own laptop and camera for some fun and memorable  images too.

And we were just getting warmed up!  Is she not GORGEOUS?

Lela’s headed to West Texas in the fall, with plans to major in — what else?  Journalism, of course!  Watch for her by-line one day in your favorite magazine!

Here’s the video featuring all of her photo proofs too.

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