Caitlyn’s Senior Album – Katy West Houston Senior Photographer

Check out this awesome Senior Portrait Album  that I designed  not too long ago for Caitlyn, a 2012 graduate of Katy Seven Lakes High School.

You’re going to love her top-model moves and fashion sense every bit as much as I do.

Sometimes my camera just gets happy —

Check out those EYES and that crazy head of BIG TEXAS  Hair.   What’s for the lens NOT to love?

So here’s a story about the cool things I learn from my seniors.   How about those Platform Wedge Shoes?  I have to give Caitlyn  total credit for convincing me that they were comfortable enough even for me to wear. 

Thanks to her, I actually went out and bought myself a pair of orange and teal platforms — and I can REALLY wear them (for a while anyway) without hobbling.

EVERYONE is surprised  — and they make me VERY tall.

Of course,  I have fallen off them a few times, but I can fall off my flat flip flops without trying.I love my platform shoes so much that I named them afterCaitlyn.   If you see me wearing my FUN shoes and say anything to me about them, I will be quick to tell you that they are my “Caitlyns.”

Caitlyn, along with her gorgeous smile and her zest for life, is headed north this fall where she will definitely brighten the campus of  Oklahoma State.


  1. Very nice Shelly! Great images of a very pretty young lady.

  2. shelly those are beautiful photos!

  3. Thanks so much Linda and Bret.

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