Meredith’s Gorgeous Album – Katy West Houston Senior Photographer

Oh my! Where does the time go?

The blogging curve just flat got ahead of me this spring  during the Senior Portrait rush — and now we’re well into the depths of summer.

It was just too hard to justify taking the time to BLOG when I knew I had people waiting on their orders — but enough is enough.
It’s time to crank up the AC and share  some of my favorite 2012 Senior Sessions with you.

We’ll start today — here and now with MEREDITH!

We had so much fun during our photo session,  and I absolutely could not get enough of those gorgeous sky-blue eyes!

Then, after our session we created a very special Senior Portrait Album  with extra copies for her grandmother and  aunts.

What a THOUGHTFUL twist — the graduate being the one to give the gifts to people who have loved and supported her .

Check it out!

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