A Senior Album for Alyssa-Katy West-Houston Photographer

Time to share another album that I designed for one of my Taylor High School seniors this spring.

This one is Alyssa’s.  She graduated in June from Katy Taylor High School.

Have I told you how much I ADORE “MY” seniors

The first thing I always notice about Alyssa is her mischievous EAR TO EAR grin, which makes me wonder what she’s going to be up to next.

When we put this album together, the one quote that she really wanted to include was her Confirmation verse,  Hebrews 13:5, a timelessly wise scripture for anyone stepping out into that big ol’ world of ours.

All of our albums are customized specifically for the individual client, and this one was no different.  I guess that makes it DIFFERENT.

Alyssa has served as a trainer for the Taylor High School Athletic Department throughout her entire high school career.

As a sideline photographer for the booster club, I had several game-time images of her in action.  When she asked if we could incorporate a few of those photographs into her album as well, I thought that was a BRILLIANT idea.   These are my own images, so neither of us had to track down another photographer to secure copyright use licensing.  That made it very easy for me to say YES to her request

— and isn’t YES the answer we all want to hear?

Alyssa is headed to Sam Houston State University this fall where she plans to major in education and become a math teacher for junior-high and high school students.  

Best of Luck to you, Alyssa.  Keep on smiling sweet girl.  You’re off to a great start, and you are destined to do great things and to touch countless lives.  I just know it.

And here’s a video with all of Alyssa’s session proofs:

Alyssa — Class of 2012.

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