Sisters and Forever Friends

Not too long ago I got to take part in a VERY clandestine top-secret operation.  As my neighbor, Linda, approached a milestone birthday, her husband started planning the most amazing and elaborate surprise birthday party I have ever seen.   He flew Linda’s two sisters and their husbands into Houston from across the country and planned an entire week of entertainment, dining out, shopping, baseball games, and BEST of ALL a photography session with me.

Now, I’ve known Linda for about 11 years, and we play Bunco together once a month.  That made keeping the party a secret extra hard.

In fact, the secret-keeping became laughable.  Since Linda’s husband is retired and spends a great deal of his time in her company, he could phone me, but I couldn’t call him back in case she saw my number or answered the phone.  When he came over to drop off his retainer payment, he had to turn left off his own block first and then come back to my street because we’re in a  cul-de-sac development and you can’t get out by turning right.

But . . . we were completely successful.  Linda didn’t have a clue that anything was up until the car arrived with her two sisters and their husbands.  The next morning the guys went golfing or shooting or something and sent the ladies out to shop for clothes that they thought would coordinate  in their photographs.  On the day of their appointment, the sisters all arrived accompanied by Linda’s soon-to-be new daughter in law whose job it was to keep the ladies from misbehaving.  Yeah, Right!

This post may mean a little extra to some of my clients, because many of you (and I do mean many)  have accidentally met Linda before.  She lives one block west of me at the very same address, and our street names are similar.

Yeah… if you knocked on the wrong door when you were coming to meet with me, you’ll  remember her.   It’s a good thing she’s a VERY nice lady.

We made a party out of our session, using very simple studio settings.  Some of our images were  traditional, but we had more than our share of silliness too.

Sisters are a treasured gift, and so are husbands who go to the great lengths that Bruce did to craft a celebration that will not soon be forgotten.

For a fun music-video of the proofs from our session, just , click on this link: Sisters Celebration.

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