A Milestone Birthday — Katy West Houston Event Photography

Well, the delinquent blogger is going to try to get back on track!   There’s lots of good stuff coming if I can just sit down long enough to make it happen.  Anyone want to take bets?

Celebrations are always a TON of  fun, and I was so excited to recently cover a special birthday party for my dear sweet friend, Janice Havins Hamric.

 I’ve been out and about in Katy with Janice, a few times, and the truth is she knows EVERYBODY! Because of her involvement in KISD and her church, I don’t think this lady can walk into any place in town without running into several people who are always thrilled to see her.

I believe that if she had her choice, the party would have filled the entire Merrell Center, but instead, she settled for playing hostess to her family and a few close friends at one of her favorite hangouts, Hasta La Pasta.

Her dad, Bill, along with musician/humorist Doc Blakely entertained ROYALLY with down-home jovial music.  I could have listened to them all day long.

Even Janice’s boss boldly braved the highly female throngs to come wish her a very happy next decade.

These are just a few of Janice’s life-long friends. I would have loved to be privilege to some of their youthful antics…

                                                                            and while we were at it, I had to pop into a pic with a few of my own besties… just to prove that I was there.

Happy Happy Birthday Janice… Here’s to another SEVERAL fabulous decades.  You are LOVED by many!

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