Ashley — Beyond Senior Portraits – Katy West Houston Senior Photographer

Ashley, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, porcelain-skinned beauty, graduated last spring from Taylor High School.  Her senior year was so incredibly full that the senior portrait session before graduation just didn’t happen. Next  next thing we knew she was off to a summer studying in Paris  — and NOW she’s living the dream as a Freshman at New York University.  Just because we missed the traditional pre-graduation time frame, it ABSOLUTELY DID NOT mean that she and her family would have to go without some gorgeous portraits to commemorate this eventful year in her life.

Because of weather issues, we shot the entire session indoors at my studio.  I tucked my own canine studio mascots, Addie and Lucy, safely into their kennels with pillows and chew sticks so that Bluebell, the adorable Shi Tzu,  could feel right at home.

To top off our session,  Ashley’s parents, Steve and Angela joined into the action for a few extra images.

Christmas cards?  Check!  Heirloom Wall Portrait?  Check! Gifts for grandparents and  a touch of home for the dorm?  Check!


I had Sooooo much fun photographing Ashley and creating some gorgeous wall portraits and albums for her and for her family.  Yeah… I really do love what I do!

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