Senior 2013 – It’s Going to be a Great Year – Katy Senior Portrait Photographer

It’s no secret that graduating seniors are my absolute FAVORITE subjects for photography.  These kids all bring their own personality and spirit to their sessions, and we have an amazingly fun time together.

Juliana, who will graduate from Katy Taylor High School this spring  was so much fun to work with.       Is she not ADORABLE with her flawless skin, big brown eyes and DAZZLING smile?    Words fail me today, so we’ll just let the pictures do the talking.  I think this is going to be a GREAT year for SENIORS!

2013 — BRING IT!

Even though we love love love to venture out to fun locations throughout the Greater Houston area and into some nearby smaller communities as well, Juliana chose to complete her entire session right at our studios.   Here we’ve got a great assortment of background sets that are totally unique to SPCcreative Photography, and more are being made ready at this very moment. The class of 2013 will get to be the very FIRST kids to use these new versatile settings, and they’re not like anything you’ll find elsewhere.  I am so super-duper excited to spend a few more days with with work-gloves and paint brushes because it’s going to be AMAZING!  

Be sure to scroll through our blog and Web site for more  senior portraits.  If you like what you see and think that YOU might want what they got, don’t wait.  Give me a call with any questions you may have, and let’s get to know each other.   We run a small studio and our appointments are very limited.  The best dates are already filling up.  Don’t miss out.


Motorcycle Magic West Texas Motorcycle Photography

This was probably one of my most unique sessions ever.  How many people can say they’ve conducted a portrait session for a motorcycle with his own persona and Facebook Page.

Well, I have, and Tecumseh Smith the Indian Motorcycle ROCKED his session.

His owner,  Herb Collier of Midland, Texas didn’t do a bad job either.  After all, we needed a human element for more than just to get us around to our great West Texas locations.

There’s something exciting about scouting a shoot away from home.  As always when planning a new location session, I started out with a very loose plan and then started driving.   This abandoned Sonic drive in didn’t just call to me… it SCREAMED  and jumped.   I was so excited I could hardly catch my breath … and then I started praying that no corporate honchos would show up with bulldozers before we could get this nailed down.

We had so many great images that we almost had no choice except to design an album to hold them all… with a few of the  more striking  reserved for wall canvases, of course.

How about those sexy tailpipes.  Gotta love FINS … to the left, FINS to the right!

I didn’t want to bid my abandoned burger joint adieu.  After all, I had spent more than  few hours there in my younger days, and I felt a real connection… but alas, I tore myself away with a wistful promise to return again.  We were, after all,  chasing the sunlight, and wanted to stop downtown before heading to the countryside.


This series still  makes me smile.    Herb looked down at the ground and found a pirates eyepatch,  probably dropped after some kid’s birthday party.  I double-dog-dared him to put it on . . . and he did.  We LAUGHED so hard, especially after I showed him the back of the camera…  but I loved the effect.  

Naturally, Nobody does sunsets better than God in West Texas.  Oh how I miss those blazin’ skies! 




Time Flies – Meet The Stowers Family – Midland Katy Family Photography

Talk about HISTORY! Kim Stowers and I go back a very long way.

Like, back to Brownies and Girl Scouts at Rusk Elementary,  High School Band, Family Water-Ski and Camping Trips, and a High School Graduation Trek across Europe, one that we started planning in fifth grade.  We called each other “Sis” and we called each other’s parents Mom and Dad…  But all that was a very long time ago.

Fast forward through college, kids, marriages, achievements, heartaches,  illnesses, the untimely deaths of half of our parents,  and  in general… LIFE.  While we never actually lost contact with each other, we didn’t stay in touch as well as we should have either.  The last time I saw Kim’s girls, Liz and Katt, they were about kindergarten/preschool age.  Now they are  are just about grown.

My, how time FLIES!

What an honor it was  to get to photograph this amazing and fun-loving bunch not so long ago when I was back in Midland.

Still, the things they say about old friends are true.  You honestly do get to pick up where you left off — and it is OH SO SWEET!

Yeah… Time Flies, but we won’t let so much of it get away from us from here on out, will we?


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