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Talk about HISTORY! Kim Stowers and I go back a very long way.

Like, back to Brownies and Girl Scouts at Rusk Elementary,  High School Band, Family Water-Ski and Camping Trips, and a High School Graduation Trek across Europe, one that we started planning in fifth grade.  We called each other “Sis” and we called each other’s parents Mom and Dad…  But all that was a very long time ago.

Fast forward through college, kids, marriages, achievements, heartaches,  illnesses, the untimely deaths of half of our parents,  and  in general… LIFE.  While we never actually lost contact with each other, we didn’t stay in touch as well as we should have either.  The last time I saw Kim’s girls, Liz and Katt, they were about kindergarten/preschool age.  Now they are  are just about grown.

My, how time FLIES!

What an honor it was  to get to photograph this amazing and fun-loving bunch not so long ago when I was back in Midland.

Still, the things they say about old friends are true.  You honestly do get to pick up where you left off — and it is OH SO SWEET!

Yeah… Time Flies, but we won’t let so much of it get away from us from here on out, will we?



  1. Solid, strong friendship makes you grow and shapes us to become better people! Yes, we’ve had so many memories and I’m honored to call you SIS!!

  2. Great pictures! Love seeing the pictures of your family and you haven’t changed a bit!

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