Horse and Rider – Personality Photography Houston, Katy, Midland

It’s been a while since this lifestyle session took place, but since the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo is in town,it seems like this is an appropriate time to share a few images from a dusty early morning in West Texas .

I’ve known John since we were both scrawny little fourth graders — and that was more than just a few years ago.

We totally drifted into separate worlds  as life and families came along,  but became reacquainted through Facebook  a few years ago.  Not only is he a skilled horseman, but he’s also become very thoughtful and talented writer.

When I was back in Midland a while back, I had an opportunity to ride out to his property which he calls Rancho Notso Grande.  (GOTTA love that name) so I could photograph him working and caring for his magnificent animals.

What a treat!

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