Love Love Love this Baby Boy – Katy Houston Newborn Photographer

Fitness — I don’t think little Isaiah stands a chance of turning into a couch potato any time soon.  He’s already got the dumbbell action going on. 

 His daddy owns Medical Fitness Pros, the gym where my husband and I are getting ourselves into shape.  We both love the thorough workouts and personal attention we get there, and so I was thrilled when I learned that  “Aunt Shelly” would  get to dote on this little guy at only 10 days old.

Isaiah’s mommy is kinda very super gorgeous too.  How could we miss?  

Naturally I snuck in a few hugs and snuggles for myself in between sets.  It’s been a lot of years since my guys were tiny, but lovin’ on baby boys still comes oh so naturally.  It was hard to send him home when we were done, but I’m counting on seeing more of this little guy again.

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