Tyler M Cinco Ranch Class of 2013 – Senior Portraits Katy Texas

Some of my favorite portrait sessions involve thoughtful, pensive seniors and  their musical instruments.   Tyler’s session was certainly one of those favorites.


Maybe the musical aspect  tugs at my emotions  because all of our kids  were in band during our own high school years — or maybe I secretly want to relive my own youth,                                                                                                         but it’s more likely because these kids completely relax through their music as they connect with their instruments

Tyler’s got some serious talent on both the  acoustic and electric guitar, and BONUS!!!!!    I got to enjoy a private mini-concert while we shot.

Tyler’s younger brother, Cody came along for the session as well, and I’m always up for adding a sibling or best friend into the mix for a few images.  Watching brothers together is so fun.  They know each other inside and out, so it’s like having a secret weapon or tool in the studio.  They’re guaranteed to bring out laughter, mischief, and above all, attitude.  

Tyler graduates this spring from Cinco Ranch High School and will attend college locally, at least for his first year while he explores a few of the many options available to him.

Just don’t forget your music, Tyler.  It will continue to enrich your life for years and years to come — and you can always come back and play for me any time.

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