Dynamite in a Small Package – Newborn Georgie – Katy West Houston Baby Photographer

All I can say about this little spitfire, is that kindergarten teachers in about the year 2018 had best look out!  Georgianna is HERE and she will make her presence known.

I believe Georgie is the tiniest healthy baby that I have ever photographed.  She was already 6-weeks old before she could come see me, and even then she only weighed about 6 1/2 pounds. Oh my goodness she’s just a tiny pixie of a thing.

Don’t let those sweet sleepy images fool you.  We had to work hard for those because she’s got a mind of her own and a strong spirit.   I think she’s definitely inherited some of the spirit that comes with her mama’s reddish hair.  Yep, it’s true what they say about us redheads! We WILL get our way — so you might as well just give in now.

She’s got her daddy wrapped around her little finger — as  she should.  

If you think Georgie looks like a little angel, you are right.  She definitely inherited THAT trait from her mama, Tambra.  I first met  Tambra  last fall through a program that teaches English as a Second Language. She gives tirelessly of herself, coordinating and managing a group of volunteer teachers while warmly welcoming and comforting  political refugees who arrive in Houston  frightened, exhausted, and with very few, if any English language skills.  She is INCREDIBLY humble about her work, but  I’ve seen firsthand the blessing she is to countless souls.    Yeah… she probably has wings hidden underneath her blouse. . . and I wouldn’t be surprised to see little Miss Georgie pick up her loving caring heart.

 Sleep tight and keep on growing just like a weed, Little Miss Georgie.  You’ve got some great times ahead!

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