Taylor High School Fashion Extravaganza – Katy Houston Photographer

What a night of fashion fun and entertainment!

Last night I covered the Be Dazzled Fashion Extravaganza at Taylor High School, where the Bold and the Beautiful Mustangs Strutted their Style.

This Eighth Annual Fashion Extravaganza  is one of several fund raisers benefiting Project Grad.  Check out our evening here, and then pop on over to the Fashion Extravaganza page on  SPCcreative.com  to check out all the pictures of the evening and select your favorites.


CALL before the end of January to set up your Senior Portraits, and receive a $50 credit toward your final order.  We can shoot later, after it warms up a bit if you like, we just need to know you’re  going to need a spot on the calendar.

We started our evening with a delightful selection of formal and prom wear.

 Elegance is always fashionable, but it’s much more fun to throw in a little mischief and shenanigans.  These kids were not at a loss for  some silliness and snickers.

 Most run of the mill style shows might follow their formal wear with a casual or cruisewear segment, but not in Katy-Gosh-Dern-Houston-Texas.

Nothing but Rodeo Wear will do.  And FINE Rodeo Wear at that!

Texas National Outfitters   provided most of the clothes in this segment.   Is it okay to call boots cute?  Theirs are the BOMB!  I’ll have to go try me on a pair or two very very soon!

A gal can’t have too many boots …. can she?

In all reality, Texas has two seasons —  Not Football Season and Football Season.

Since each of these kids are about to graduate from high school, they’re eagerly looking forward to the excitement of GAME DAY on their respective new campuses.

Again, don’t miss out on our Fashion Extravaganza Senior Portrait Special — It won’t happen again  and the calendar days are FLYING BY!

Here’s another link to check out and order all the pictures from the Extravaganza.  Enjoy!

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