Travis – Katy High School Class of 2014 – Senior Photographer

Ahhhh Travis, even though he was the very first senior from the class of 2014 to walk through my doors, for some reason I am just now getting around to blogging his portrait session.

Mea Culpa!  What can I say?

This is  one of the most fantastic guys I know.  Not only is he smart, talented, creative, and very handsome, he gets extra points in my book for hanging out in the kitchen and visiting with us one day when his mom had me and a few other women over for coffee.  That’s one of the bravest things a guy can do, and I’ve gotta hand it to him.


Musical talent?

He’s got it.  Not only did I get a nice guitar serenade  during our session, Travis also plays violin in the top orchestra at Katy High School — a group that performed  at Carnegie Hall in New York City earlier this year.  Take all that musical talent and tie it in with his love of steampunk and a little time to play around  in the studio, and we came up with some mighty fun images for him, don’t you think?

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE his sense of style.  With his suspenders and bow tie, Travis joins a long list of notable leaders, celebrities, and commentators who could probably run the world if they chose to.

He’s in good company!

He also volunteers with an EMS team and in a clinical setting at one of our local hospitals.

I’m beyond impressed with Travis and so excited to see what life after graduation has in store for him.  THRILLED that I got to be the one who created his senior portraits.


Congratulations, Travis!  

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