Senior Portraits for Will – Taylor High School — Katy Houston Photographer

Congratulations to Will on his grand exit from High School.

 I first met Will when he was in junior high school, and let me tell you, he started earning my respect from the get-go.  He ALWAYS the handshake, the smile, and the , “nice to meet you,” mastered.

Will’s a smiley, friendly, yes-ma’am kind of guy, and I could always count on him to flash me a great big smile, whether it came from behind a tuba on the marching field, during Homecoming Court Introduction,  during Senior Recognition Hat Night, or  on stage modeling a fine Texas-Style tuxedo during the school’s Spring Fashion Extravaganza.


  Will genuinely seems to enjoy life; and everyone who knows him has something great to say about him.

During his high school years, he has been a great leader in the Taylor High School  Band, and he’s participated actively in the “Best Buddies” program where he partners up as a friend and mentor for a student with special needs. As I mentioned above, Will was elected to  the Homecoming Court last fall, and THEN —  he was also voted “Mr. Congeniality” at another event this spring. WHO KNOWS what else he’s done?  I’ll bet the list is  much longer.

But he is still humble — and oh that smile! BOOM! SWOON!


 Now that graduation is completed, Will is enlisting  to serve  in the US Coast Guard.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVED the movie, “The Guardian.”   Yes, it’s become an old movie, but I’m no spring chicken myself.   I hope things aren’t quite as dramatic for him as they were for Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner,  but it does make me feel a little bit better that we have young men like Will  (and Ashton and Kevin) looking out for the rest of us.

 Congratulations on your graduation, Will.  May the angels watch over you and bless you and keep you safe in everything you do.  You ARE a gift to everone who knows you.

PS — PLEASE keep smiling! 8F9A9185 IMG_9719

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