Special Savings on Senior Portraits in July- Katy West Houston Photographer

To the incoming seniors who still feel like high school will grind on forever,  I PROMISE – PROMISE-PROMISE that  even though we’re in the depths of summer, graduation day will be here before you know it.

In this part of the world, kids don’t typically get excited about senior portraits until springtime when their schedules are TOTALLY SLAMMED — And that’s when we see waves of panic-stricken seniors and parents wanting to get into the studio at the very last minute — but it doesn’t have to be like that!

We are  offering an added incentive to plan ahead just a bit.   This really is the best deal EVER at SPCcreative Photography, and it only happens once a year.  Here’s how it works. You call before the end of July and reserve your senior portrait session. We schedule to shoot before  December 31 — and YOU GET $75 credit toward your order. It’s as simple as that.



The really cool thing about this special is that we don’t have to actually take your pictures yet.  I don’t love to sweat  any more than you do.  Going outside and trying to look great is HARD!  Of course, if you don’t want to go outside, we can stay in the air conditioned studio and still get amazing images, but that’s missing half the fun. Why not choose a beautifully crisp autumn day instead?    You probably already have your school schedule and calendar so you know what time you’ll be out of classes.  You know when the UIL contests and scheduled games will be.  You know when you’re leaving town for Thanksgiving.

No Excuses!

Our studio offers an amazing collection of background sets both indoors and out — or if you’d prefer to be photographed in a park, or at your home, or at your ranch, or HECK — even at the State Fair of Texas  or on Times Square in New York City– by planning now we can handle that.

This is the best sale EVER —  and it goes away after July 31.

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and give us a call.  We’ll answer all your questions and build a senior session just for you… whether you just want a 30 minute in and out appointment with one outfit  or  the full day go and play with in-studio hair and makeup and multiple locations  — or something in between.

 Do it!

(small print — session retainers are not refundable, but appointments may be rescheduled with with advance notice)

Senior Portraits for Shana – Taylor High – Katy Houston Photographer

Creating Shana’s senior portraits made me SUPER happy for several great reasons.

First, she and her mother came to my studio just a few years after I photographed her older brother as a senior. It’s just so encouraging to receive that extra vote of confidence when clients come back again.


Shana first caught my eye and attention when she was a typical Freshman and a member of the Taylor High School Color Guard. I’ve photographed that group since before she entered high school, and it’s been fun to see her become such a sweet, gentle, and self-assured young lady.

She always had a big sparkly smile for me both from the stands and from the field when I was covering the high school football games.  Well, maybe she wasn’t looking for the camera from the field.  She was concentrating on her show — as she should be — but I loved watching for her because she was definitely one of my favorites.
She’s probably one of your favorites too, if you’ve had a chance to get to know her.




 I’m very excited to watch the next phase in her life as she heads to North Texas State where she will study … WAIT FOR IT . . . .




8F9A2126Where she will study PHOTOGRAPHY!  That’s it!  A girl after my own heart!

So, Shana — I expect you to bring back your portfolio and come visit when you get home at Christmas time because I want to see what you do!  Deal?

8F9A2105 8F9A1925





Senior Portraits for Morgan – Seven Lakes High School – Houston Katy Photographer

Oh, Morgan!  What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Senior!

I’m so glad that I have had a chance to get to know this young lady over the last couple or three years.  She’s not only modeled for me before, but she has also helped me at the studio and assisted at events and photo shoots. I’m thrilled that she’s graduated but I AM GOING TO MISS knowing I can pick up the phone and count on her when I need her.


We started Morgan’s senior portrait session with an in-studio hair and makeup session by Cintya Hernandez-Velderrain.  While Cintya comes to my studio for our clients, she also makes Katy women beautiful on a daily basis at her Hair and Makeup Studio located in Sola Salon on Westheimer Parkway.    She’s even done MY Hair and makeup — and I was THRILLED with the results.  I love the way she emphasizes our best features and still keeps us looking like ourselves.   She’s fairly new in town, so it’s still not too hard to get in to her schedule, but that probably won’t last long.

Too bad I can’t swing having her here in the studio to shoosh my curls and polish my image every day… but of course, she CAN be here for YOUR portrait session or special event.  Can’t beat that!  Just ask about hair and makeup services when you call to schedule your session.

8F9A1326 8F9A1364 8F9A1415

8F9A1483 8F9A1511 8F9A1540 8F9A1587

Morgan won a special award through FFA this year for her work in Equine Science, and she plans to further her studies in that field at Blinn and then at Texas A&M.

Ahhh…. someone to live out another of my dream careers.  I’ll be watching!



Special Moment – Lost Tooth- Katy Houston Photographer


When Little Miss S (and no, S doesn’t stand for SASS) lost her first tooth, her mom rushed her right over to my studio for an impromptu  photo shoot to commemorate the occasion.8F9A9715

Teeth or none, this gal is such a HAM!  Check out all of these goof-ball expression.


Back when I was a kid, the Tooth Fairy would deliver exactly 41 cents for a tooth.  Yep.. ONE EACH… a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.

 I never managed to convince my mother that we were getting short changed at our house on Shell Street in Midland Texas.  Even back in THE DAY….  Even in the OLDEN DAYS…  other kids in the old hometown earned at least a dollar for each pearly white.  Some even bragged of $5 bills.

Since this was Miss S’ s first lost tooth, she hadn’t t had time to establish a market value yet, but I’ll bet it was more than 41 cents….

Goodness … with a smile like this,  she will probably be able to fund her college education by the time she gets down to her wisdom teeth.


 Anything that happens TODAY makes TODAY a SPECIAL DAY — and it’s the little stuff that you’ll remember years from now, especially if you’ve got great photographs to jog your memory.

Don’t forget to commemorate those special occasions!

Do it yourself, or let me help.

You’ll be glad you did.



Senior Portraits for Katt – Midland Lee Class of 2014 -Katy Houston Photographer

Katt and her family traveled a long long way for her senior portraits.

Okay — they were in Houston anyway, but they planned their trip so that it would include  time for a senior portrait session in our studio.  Oh, my. We had a great time creating stunning images unlike ANYTHING that her classmates back in Midland, Texas would have.

Some of our best sessions begin like this one did . . .  with my senior in the magical hands of  Rachael Elise Walker of Elise Artistry.

Rachael spends a full hour or more right here in the studio with our seniors, enhancing all their best features and creating a high-fashion look that’s sure to turn heads for the rest of the day

— and for years to come in our heirloom portraits.


 Katt looked absolutely SUBLIME in her edgy black and silver-sequined prom dress, especially once she put on those attention-getting yellow platform heels.


  WOW!  Talk about PUNCH!


Katt rocks her high-fashion look so naturally that, you might be surprised to learn that she  knows her way around the barn, too.  In fact, we shot her portraits the same day that she sold her two beloved steers.

I was really really proud of her for keeping her emotions in check, because I KNOW I would have been a big blubbering mess if I were  the one wearing those yellow shoes.

FFA was a big part of Katt’s high school career, and she especially wanted to make sure that we captured some images to remember an FFA classmate  who had lost his life to cancer just a few months earlier. We created a little storyboard for his parents featuring Katt, a sentimental souvenir Batman cape, and of course, her bright orange “Team Chuck” bracelet.

Her aqua lace top looks like it was just MADE for my beach-house, doesn’t it?

Just keeping things cool and breezy!  That’s all.


If you think Katt looks familiar, and if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you might actually remember that time I photographed  her and the rest of her family a while back. 

They are a SUPER GREAT FAMILY, and as an added bonus, we got a guest appearance by her sister, Liz.  So whaddaya do with fun loving sisters when they’re in the studio together?

You put them in “THE BOX”  and let them play. 

Congratulations on your graduation Katt — and best wishes for a super college experience at Tarleton State this fall.

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