Senior Portraits for Katt – Midland Lee Class of 2014 -Katy Houston Photographer

Katt and her family traveled a long long way for her senior portraits.

Okay — they were in Houston anyway, but they planned their trip so that it would include  time for a senior portrait session in our studio.  Oh, my. We had a great time creating stunning images unlike ANYTHING that her classmates back in Midland, Texas would have.

Some of our best sessions begin like this one did . . .  with my senior in the magical hands of  Rachael Elise Walker of Elise Artistry.

Rachael spends a full hour or more right here in the studio with our seniors, enhancing all their best features and creating a high-fashion look that’s sure to turn heads for the rest of the day

— and for years to come in our heirloom portraits.


 Katt looked absolutely SUBLIME in her edgy black and silver-sequined prom dress, especially once she put on those attention-getting yellow platform heels.


  WOW!  Talk about PUNCH!


Katt rocks her high-fashion look so naturally that, you might be surprised to learn that she  knows her way around the barn, too.  In fact, we shot her portraits the same day that she sold her two beloved steers.

I was really really proud of her for keeping her emotions in check, because I KNOW I would have been a big blubbering mess if I were  the one wearing those yellow shoes.

FFA was a big part of Katt’s high school career, and she especially wanted to make sure that we captured some images to remember an FFA classmate  who had lost his life to cancer just a few months earlier. We created a little storyboard for his parents featuring Katt, a sentimental souvenir Batman cape, and of course, her bright orange “Team Chuck” bracelet.

Her aqua lace top looks like it was just MADE for my beach-house, doesn’t it?

Just keeping things cool and breezy!  That’s all.


If you think Katt looks familiar, and if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you might actually remember that time I photographed  her and the rest of her family a while back. 

They are a SUPER GREAT FAMILY, and as an added bonus, we got a guest appearance by her sister, Liz.  So whaddaya do with fun loving sisters when they’re in the studio together?

You put them in “THE BOX”  and let them play. 

Congratulations on your graduation Katt — and best wishes for a super college experience at Tarleton State this fall.

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