Senior Portraits for Shana – Taylor High – Katy Houston Photographer

Creating Shana’s senior portraits made me SUPER happy for several great reasons.

First, she and her mother came to my studio just a few years after I photographed her older brother as a senior. It’s just so encouraging to receive that extra vote of confidence when clients come back again.


Shana first caught my eye and attention when she was a typical Freshman and a member of the Taylor High School Color Guard. I’ve photographed that group since before she entered high school, and it’s been fun to see her become such a sweet, gentle, and self-assured young lady.

She always had a big sparkly smile for me both from the stands and from the field when I was covering the high school football games.  Well, maybe she wasn’t looking for the camera from the field.  She was concentrating on her show — as she should be — but I loved watching for her because she was definitely one of my favorites.
She’s probably one of your favorites too, if you’ve had a chance to get to know her.




 I’m very excited to watch the next phase in her life as she heads to North Texas State where she will study … WAIT FOR IT . . . .




8F9A2126Where she will study PHOTOGRAPHY!  That’s it!  A girl after my own heart!

So, Shana — I expect you to bring back your portfolio and come visit when you get home at Christmas time because I want to see what you do!  Deal?

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