Senior Portraits for Maddi – Seven Lakes High School- Katy Photographer

Have you noticed a trend with my seniors lately?

Scroll back through my  last few senior posts…   Beautiful… Sweet… GORGEOUS… SUPER COOL… Amazing…Stunning.

Well, here’s another.  Meet Maddi!  She ABSOLUTELY SPARKLES on her own, but having  Cintya Velderrain bring her professional hair and makeup skills to the shoot — PURE WIN!


I first met Maddi a year ago when one of her friends came to view and select his senior portraits at SPCcreative Photography.     You can probably imagine how THRILLED I was to see her walk through my doors again!


Get a load of those EYES! Oh MY!8F9A24818F9A2534

Because she swam with the varsity swim team at Seven Lakes High School, Maddi and her mom wanted to create some fun and unique  images that highlighted her swimming talents, so we decided to incorporate her bright green flippers and her goggles with a white formal gown.  How cute is THAT?


Maddi has spent a good part of her summer coaching a kids’ swim team in her neighborhood,

but as that is wrapping up, she’s packing up her room and getting ready to head off to college where she is bound to be a head-turner.


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Congratulations on your graduation, Maddi, and BEST Wishes for a great first year of college.   When the finals drive you nearly batty, just come back and see me at the studio



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