Teen Sons – Too Cool to do Cheesy – Katy Houston Family Photographer

This family!  Oh my  — THIS family is one of my favorite that I ever have photographed!

What do you do when you have two swoon-worthy college and high school aged sons and it’s been a while since you’ve had family portraits made?


You get a date on the calendar and you make it happen.  NO EXCUSES!



It’s no small feat when school and work activities and travel are chaotic. It takes an extra level of commitment to clear the schedule and get everyone into the room in good clothes all at one time, but it is Sooooooooooo worth it.

Kudos to the K family!  They DID IT!

Setting up family portraits with older boys takes a special skill  because showing a strong and fun relationship in an age-appropriate way can be tricky.  What works for toddlers or ten-year-olds tends to fall apart  and smell sorta cheesy once the kids are taller than their mother — and I LOVE that challenge.

We were facing some weather challenges and we couldn’t let that stop us either. So, rather than dodge thunderstorms, floods, and mosquitoes, we got a little bit creative and shot in the atrium of Mr. K’s office building.  It turned out to be absolutely perfect — and we had air conditioning!  That’s such a nice thing to have in this part of the world and it was a HUGE bonus for us!


These boys are handsome.  They’re cool.  They get along beautifully, and they like to be a little bit silly and goofy too.

Thank goodness! Laugher can carry a family a long long way.

THAT is what I wanted to show.


2014-11-14_0004 2014-11-14_0006 2014-11-14_0007


In a very short time, these boys will both be out of the house and living on their own, but the K family will always have some great artwork on their walls capturing these fleeting and very special days.

I’m so proud of them for making the effort to spend an evening in front a camera, and I am delighted that they spent that evening in front of MY camera because we had one heckuva good time together!

Does your family need portraits one last time before the kids scatter into their own grown up lives?  Call me today.  Let’s make it happen!

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