Twice the Spice – Katy Houston Newborn Photographer

Sugar and Spice in a double serving — that’s what came to my studio the other day!  Ohhhhhh these two are incredibly yummy!


 These identical beauties were only 5 days old when they came to see me at the SPCcreative Photography studio, and even though we had to depend upon an ankle id bracelet to make sure we didn’t mix them up, it was already quite obvious that they are both very much individuals.

These girls were born about 13 minutes apart but on both sides of midnight, so  each will get to celebrate her very own birthday.  I just think that is BEYOND cool!


My friend and professional colleague, Irma Furnish saved the day by joining us to help wrangle, hold and pose and to get an idea what to expect when her own twin nephews are born in just a few short weeks. I don’t think we could have done it without her!  Thanks Irma!




These girls did NOT want to go to sleep — at least not at the same time.

Their daddy laughingly said that if I wanted to just photograph the sleeping one and swap out headbands a few times, they’d never know the difference later.  We didn’t try to do that but did take a few sweet individual photographs in between feedings and clothing changes.


Still,  I have to give the most credit to their mommy who was incredibly patient and laid back as we worked and waited and fed and diapered and tried again and again to get both of our sweet little angels to sleep at one time. It was quite a challenge, but we finally wore them out and got there.  It was definitely worth the wait.

Oh my they are gorgeous and yummy!


I am in LOVE!



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