HELP!! Katy Kittens Desperately Need Homes – Katy Houston Pet Photographer

Calling all Cat People — We need your help Soooooo bad.

Heck, I’m even going to call on NON-Cat people because I know that you still have good hearts and you’ll help us as best you can. It’s just that  you just prefer dogs  — or you have allergies.

By the way, there are a couple of dogs in here too, so don’t check out just yet……


Here’s the executive summary:

  • Lovable, hand-raised cats and kittens (and two dogs) 
  • Huge Selection
  • Already Spayed and Neutered
  • Micro-Chipped
  • Vaccinated
  • FREE (or as Mattress Mack would say — FREE FREE FREE)  They just need safe loving homes. 
  • If the cat doesn’t work out in your home, there’s a no-questions-asked return policy.
  • Meet them during business hours at Green Trails Animal Clinic 19825 Greenwind Chase, Houston, TX 77094 — Phone 281.492.6100

Now, for the details: You might remember back in August when I wrote about a group of cats that needed homes.  If you missed it, you can check it out HERE .  Unfortunately most of those sweeties are still waiting for furever homes.  Now, to top it off there’s a whole new crop of young cats waiting for homes of their own,  in addition to the first ones, and it won’t be long before springtime litters start rolling in.   I took one home a week ago after I photographed them, so I can personally vouch for the fact that they are amazing! More on that later.

Here’s the back story. Our veterinarian, Dr. McGowan and the staff at Green Trails Animal Clinic have been helping to stem the population of cats and kittens for a nearby ranch owner, and they are absolutely bursting at the seams.  Because these kittens are hand-raised by a loving veterinary staff, they are totally lovable.   Earlier this month I went back to the clinic and photographed 26 more  cats and two dogs that need homes desperately.  If you can’t take one in yourself, that’s understandable, but you can still help us spread the word.

Meet these sweeties right  here.

This is Cat #122.  She’s a Seven Month Old spayed female brown tabby.  This gal is very playful, but just a little skittish.  She’ll get over that as soon as she feels safe and loved.


Number 123 is an orangy cream neutered male tabby.   He’s a lover boy, very playful and always purring, and he just wants to be a lap cat.


This green-eyed  smoky grey beauty is #124.  She’s a sweet 7 month old loaded with personality.  She’s very playful, but also quite calm for a 7 month old kitten.



If you’re looking for a super-inquisitive curious cat, # 125 might be your buddy.  He’s extremely outgoing and playful, and he’s going to be an engineer when he grows up.


#126 will talk to you when you need company.  She’s also curious about what’s going on, and she’s pretty darn playful, herself.


127 is a male cream tabby, He’s a 7 month old laid back lap cat who loves to snuggle.


#129, a talkative female black tortie, is 7 months old.  She’s active, playful and just a little bit glamorous.


130 — This female grey tortie is six months old.  She’s affectionate and very loving.


#131 is a loving and affectionate  female grey tortie-tabby who just wants to become your lap cat.


# 134, a sweet brown tabby female is six months old.  She’s a sweetie who loves to play, and purrs almost all the time. OH MY GOODNESS — Check out those Green Green EYES!


# 135  is a six month old female  light grey tabby who’s a tiny bit skittish, but very playful  She loves to climb and play.


#136. This  female powder-grey tabby  loves to jump.  She would have preferred to get down off the table to explore the clinic rather than pose for her pictures.   Lots of fun with this princess gal.


# 137, a brown tabby male just wants to sit in your lap and purr when he’s not riding around on your shoulder.  He’s a lover.


# 138 — well, he sorta stole my heart and  came home with me, so he no longer goes by a number.  He is now Crown Prince Friedrich Leopold von Katzenburg, but he lets us call him Fred.  Pure love … He kind of thinks he’s a dog.  He already comes when we call him, and he is very very appreciative of his new surroundings. He just wants his buddies to know that there is hope beyond the clinic crate.


#139 is a brown medium hair tabby who is just five months old.  She’s a sweetie who should become a great lap cat. All she needs is the lap.


#140 , a male brown tabby is also only five months old.  What a playful sweetie.


#141, a female grey-tortie just loves to play — and play — and play.


#143 — this male brown/grey tabby is five months old.  He’s very sweet and loves company.


#145 — a male cream with grey tabby, medium hair is very sweet and playful.


#146 is a gorgeous male silver/black tabby who would absolutely love to ride around on your shoulder


#147 is a gorgeous male brown tabby with lovely markings.  He’s a little bit shy, but still a playful talker.


#148, affectionately known as Popeye, got off to a rough start but  seems to be doing alright now.  Back before he knew better, he got caught up in a bar fight where he lost his right eye and got a little notch taken out of his  ear. He knows better now, and he’s just an extremely playful and affectionate white lynx.  I think perhaps he’s a brother to  the Crown Prince…… same age and markings,anyway.


#150 and #151 would be the happiest ever if they could stay together.  You see, they helped each other through some pretty tough life and death situations.  The sassy female seal-point siamese is just a little stand-offish, but once she feels comfortable and safe she becomes pretty playful.  She purrs and talks when stroked.   The black male is super playful and LOVES to play with toys.  He’s a busy guy, always purring.  They could be separated if necessary, but they really help keep each other centered.


And finally, there’s Chica and Nino.

No, they’re not cats and they don’t think they’re cats … but as long as we’re finding homes for  needy pets, we just couldn’t leave them out.  Chica is a one year old sweet and senssssitive gal.  She’s definitely not a lap dog, and you’ll have to earn her trust — but once she figures out your loyalty, she won’t leave your side.

Nino is a black male.  He’s a sweet lover, but will need a calming firm hand to break him of his habit of jumping …. He’s just enthusiastic, and needs to learn the rules.


Okay — as a disclaimer, I hope I got all the numbers and pictures straight.  If not, just straighten it out when you visit the clinic.  You’ll get to let them choose you in person anyway — and the numbers don’t really  matter.  The Purrsonalities do.

Please do whatever you can to make sure these animals get to  pick out some people to love FURRR-EVER very soon.

Once again, they are all at Green Trails Animal Clinic. 



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This is especially important for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Senior Portraits for Will | Seven Lakes|Katy Houston Photographer

All over the United States, high-school seniors take their portraits the summer before their senior year or early in the fall, but here, they like to wait until the school year is really rolling.  That means that the school activities are in full-swing and schedules are cram-packed.  Then one day, usually during the winter break , they look at the calendar and realize how many exciting and important  events  have to happen before May.

SO  Senior Portrait Season Starts NOW!  It Really does.

Now that football season is over.

Now that Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years have all come and gone.

Now . . . Before frantic springtime rolls around.  It’s coming FAST TOO!

Will, a Seven Lakes Senior came into the studio a little while back for his portraits and so he  has one more task checked off his graduation activities list. We had a great time as I learned a little bit more about him, and I think HE LOOKS GREAT!  Don’t you agree?

 We started out at the studio where we photographed him both indoors and out in the studio backlot.


Will is quite an accomplished athlete AND a very good student as well. He plays  Varsity Football and Baseball, and has received acceptance letters and scholarships from several colleges.

I THINK I know his choice, but I don’t dare say because I would hate to be accused of spreading incorrect rumors.  Regardless, he will do great at any school, and they all seem to be doing everything they can to attract him to their campuses.


After a bit,  we headed off to the  train depot for some iconic images that would incorporate a sense of location.

Years from now, there will be no doubt that Will lived in KATY, Texas when he graduated from high school. The clouds in the sky put on a great show for us that evening too.  WOW!


 We also wanted to make a fun custom Christmas card  for his family to send out this season.  So… he put on a bright red Christmas sweater and we conjured up a little Santa-magic.

Laughing all the Way, too.


ALWAYS  believe in the magic.


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