Celebrating Tina – Houston Women’s Photographer

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  EVERY woman should make sure that she exists in pictures.

This is how Tina celebrated her 40th birthday, and we had such a great time hanging out in my studio with  makeup artist,  Rachael Elise Walker of Elise Artistry  as we took Tina from the before to the boardroom to the boudoir.


I first met Tina a year and a half or two years ago, and we have continued to run into each other occasionally because … well, Houston is just a big little town.


Tina is absolutely one of the sweetest people EVER… She’s got a heart of gold, and spends her days helping people solve their problems.  By the time she turned 40, it was time to do something for HER, and I’m so glad she did.

We started her out with some business casual outfits and transitioned to a gorgeous teal cocktail dress.


But of everything we did, my favorite was when she slipped into something more  evening-oriented.  And she ROCKED it!

Absolutely ROCKED!

2015-02-17_0002 2015-02-17_0004 2015-02-17_0003

She also brought in a very sentimental dress,

the one she was wearing the night that she and her husband got engaged .

How could we NOT include it in our session? 2015-02-17_0001

And toward the end of the evening,

her husband met her here for a few more pictures and a little dancing before heading out on a special date night together.

 2015-02-16_0005 2015-02-16_0006

Soooooo much fun!  This is one of my favorite sessions ever to date.  They  just keep getting better and better!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE helping women create a legacy of themselves at their very best.

Yes … you SHOULD!


  1. These pictures are stunning. How much do you charge for a session? I would love to have a couple’s portrait with my husband.

  2. Hi Monica, Thank you. We offer a variety of different session types, so let’s visit by phone so that I can find out more about what you want to accomplish in your session. I will send you an e-mail shortly with all my conact information so that we can visit at your convenience.

  3. These pictures are stunning! Of course with such a sweet bubbly subject it would be hard to photograph a bad picture! Good job ladies!

  4. Thank you, Jan. Her spirit shines. Don’t you just love the sparkle in her eyes?

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