Senior Portraits for Emma – Cy Fair High School – Katy Houston Photographer

This is Emma Lee …. She’s a senior at Cy Fair High School, Class of 2015, and she is savoring every minute of her senior year. Is she not DA BOMB?


I first met this beauty  about two or three years ago  when her mom and I were in the same Sunday School class at church.   You can imagine my excitement when she called to set up her portrait session.  I knew that this girl would positively glow in front of the lens — and she did!  Yeah… we had her stop smiling for a few serious images, but that was a challenge.  She just loves to smile – and she does it so well.


 Get a load of that awesome Cy-Fair Brigade smile.  When this girl takes the field, who needs floodlights?

2015-02-05_0010 2015-02-05_0009 2015-02-05_0008 2015-02-05_0007


Emma loves to dance. That is just who she is.



We had so much fun working together.  I love her bubbly carefree spirit … and one of my favorite memories of our session was the night she came to pick up her order.  She had just been to Florida to participate in the halftime show for the Citrus Bowl where she was on the VERY FRONT ROW of about a bazillion dancers selected from all over the country.   We watched a video of the performance, but I couldn’t keep my eyes on the little screen because Miss Emma performed the entire routine LIVE — right there in front of us.

 Oh my stars, how I love her spirit!

2015-02-05_0001Congratulations on your senior year, Emma.  Continue to enjoy every single minute as you move on into this big bright world.  Just keep on shining!


  1. Emma’s photos are beautiful! Good job, Shelly.

  2. Thank you, Joyce! She is a doll and was so sweet to work with .

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