Senior Portraits for Chloe – Katy Houston Photographer


I don’t know where to begin when I talk about Chloe.  Maybe this is one of those times where a picture really is worth a thousand words.

For a little background,  I’ve known Chloe’s family for quite some time, and was honored beyond belief when I got to accompany them to the airport with my camera several years ago to pick up her dad after he finished his final overseas military deployment.  Those old images still bring tears to my eyes when I go back through them!

And then a year ago, I got to create Chloe’s sister’s senior portraits.

So, you probably can imagine how much I was looking forward to this photoshoot.


 Chloe’s a natural beauty in that fresh-scrubbed girl next door sort of style, so even when she arrived bare-faced after school, she looked gorgeous.

Then, but after a little time in the chair here at the studio with hair and makeup artist,  Cintya, she absolutely GLOWED!



We built a lovely portrait album from her session, and Chloe chose some scriptures that are special to her for several of the pages. 2015-07-22_0017


Won’t she have fun looking at these and sharing them with her children and her nieces and nephews one day?

Oh, the leaf-drop!  We threw leaves in the air over and over again until we could get a frame where the leaves were in the air but not blocking her face, and her eyes were open.

Of course it took us even longer because we were both laughing so hard!





 In addition to being a very bright student, Chloe also runs cross country.

2015-07-22_0016 2015-07-22_0015 2015-07-22_0014


Chloe is a young woman who sees God’s love everywhere she looks — and she reflects that  love and joy back to others thousand-fold. She’s spent her summer serving as a youth-group intern for her church, working with kids here in town and on mission trips.

Before long she will be on her way to East Texas Baptist University in Marshall where she will continue to grow in grace as she continues her education.

Will’s Senior Portraits – Katy Houston Photographer

Here’s another in our series of whatever happened to the blog posts for the class of 2015.

We still haven’t answered the mystery, but at least it’s giving me an opportunity to revisit some of my favorite senior portraits from the past year.


This is Will.


I had a great time photographing Will over a period of time. He came into the studio several times. First, to help me with an advertising project, but then later for both  studio and separate location sessions. He also returned for a quick multi-generational shoot with his dad and grandfather. How cool is THAT?


Get a load of this Letter Jacket!   I don’t believe there’s anything Will doesn’t do well. Football, Baseball, NHS … It took a lot of talent and hard work combined to earn a jacket like this.


For now, he’s cramming in as many good home-cooked meals and fun activities with his friends before he hits the road to Waco in a matter of weeks.

That’s right — Will is now a Baylor Bear. 2015-07-22_0007 2015-07-22_0006 2015-07-22_0005 2015-07-22_0004

Think he’ll miss the City of Katy at all?  2015-07-22_0003

I commend this entire family for carving some time out of their schedule to stop by so that I could create a few multi-generational images of Will with his dad and grandfather.  What a treasure these will be in the years to come.


Portraits for Nicholas – Katy Houston Photographer

 This is another of my lost blog post series.  It’s a redux of a post that I feel certain I created and shared earlier this year but which disappeared into thin air.

This session actually took place back in February on a very cold and rainy day, and Nicholas was a GREAT SPORT about his outdoor session.


 I love photographing guys who are just a little bit quiet and shy.

It’s fun to see how they relax once they realize that I won’t make them do anything cheesy for the camera, once they realize that they won’t have to smile  like the Cheshire Cat until their jaws hurt.

 Nicholas is one of those guys


It was his 17th birthday when we met for our session at his family home.  Nicholas is quite an accomplished horseman, so we spent most of our time in and around the barn.


And this is Smokey.   There’s not much in this world that can compare to the velvety smooth nose of a horse.  SWOON!

2015-07-13_0023 2015-07-13_0025We wrapped up our session with frozen fingers and frozen toes — and an extra nose rub and hug for Smokey.

Senior Portraits for Nicole – Katy Houston Photographer


 Okay y’all, stranger things may have happened, but I believe I might be losing my  mind.  At least I’m a little bit sick to my stomach.

When I sat down to write my latest blog post, I realized that my site was missing a ton of senior portrait posts for the class of 2015.  I blogged and posted these during the school year before graduation.  I KNOW I did … but they are missing without a trace!  Gorgeous kids.  Fun anecdotes from our sessions.  Gone.  All Gone.  Cyber-Gremlins, I”m sure.    I don’t have an answer, but I have some calls in to some folks who know what to do in a situation like this.

I DO KNOW PEOPLE!!!  We will figure this out.

In the meantime,   I’ll be keeping a very close eye on my security as I bust out a few of the images from my favorite sessions of the year for a blog marathon which will probably last several weeks.    Today we’re starting with Nicole!

 Beautiful Nicole, a dancer, a Cinco Star, and a 2015 graduate of Cinco Ranch High School.

Hair and Makeup by Cintya Velderrain at SPCcreative Photography Studio 




Oh, we had fun together.  I was so glad I got to know her.


She’s smart too.  She’ll be studying this fall at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

2015-07-13_0012 2015-07-13_0013

Oh, Nicole.  You were a joy to work with.  I have to be sappy now.  As you go forward into life, I hope you dance.

UGH!  Did I really just say that?

2015-07-13_0014 2015-07-13_0015 2015-07-13_0016

 Thank you Nicole!  Have a great year at college!

Ryan’s Portraits – Katy Photographer

A  lovely big family  moved in to our neighborhood a couple of years ago, and I was just lucky enough to be at home when mom, Susan,  and their adorable young daughter came by selling Girl Scout Cookies.

The sweet child waited so politely while mom and I visited  — and visited — and visited — and before long, we became friends.

Now, what does THAT have to do with the photos of this handsome young man?

Well, he is a big brother to my favorite Brownie Scout.


Ryan was back in town after his first year of college to spend a little time  with friends and family before heading off to Brazil for a year long mission trip with his church, and  Mom needed some great photographs to keep him close at heart.  As a  Mormon Missionary, Ryan’s right at home with a suit and tie — and he does look quite dashing. Don’t you agree?


 A couple of his younger siblings, including the Cookie Princess dropped by during our portrait session, and they are BEYOND ADORABLE —

so naturally, they  ended up in front of my lens out in the studio barn too.

2015-07-13_0003 2015-07-13_0004 2015-07-13_0005

 Ryan’s looking ahead to an exciting year of meeting people and learning a new language.   . . .

Portugese.  Yep!  That’s what they speak in Brazil.  Look it up ! How cool is THAT?



No doubt, he’ll miss these little guys, but they’re going to miss him too.  Have a great experience, Ryan.  

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