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A  lovely big family  moved in to our neighborhood a couple of years ago, and I was just lucky enough to be at home when mom, Susan,  and their adorable young daughter came by selling Girl Scout Cookies.

The sweet child waited so politely while mom and I visited  — and visited — and visited — and before long, we became friends.

Now, what does THAT have to do with the photos of this handsome young man?

Well, he is a big brother to my favorite Brownie Scout.


Ryan was back in town after his first year of college to spend a little time  with friends and family before heading off to Brazil for a year long mission trip with his church, and  Mom needed some great photographs to keep him close at heart.  As a  Mormon Missionary, Ryan’s right at home with a suit and tie — and he does look quite dashing. Don’t you agree?


 A couple of his younger siblings, including the Cookie Princess dropped by during our portrait session, and they are BEYOND ADORABLE —

so naturally, they  ended up in front of my lens out in the studio barn too.

2015-07-13_0003 2015-07-13_0004 2015-07-13_0005

 Ryan’s looking ahead to an exciting year of meeting people and learning a new language.   . . .

Portugese.  Yep!  That’s what they speak in Brazil.  Look it up ! How cool is THAT?



No doubt, he’ll miss these little guys, but they’re going to miss him too.  Have a great experience, Ryan.  

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