Senior Portraits for Chloe – Katy Houston Photographer


I don’t know where to begin when I talk about Chloe.  Maybe this is one of those times where a picture really is worth a thousand words.

For a little background,  I’ve known Chloe’s family for quite some time, and was honored beyond belief when I got to accompany them to the airport with my camera several years ago to pick up her dad after he finished his final overseas military deployment.  Those old images still bring tears to my eyes when I go back through them!

And then a year ago, I got to create Chloe’s sister’s senior portraits.

So, you probably can imagine how much I was looking forward to this photoshoot.


 Chloe’s a natural beauty in that fresh-scrubbed girl next door sort of style, so even when she arrived bare-faced after school, she looked gorgeous.

Then, but after a little time in the chair here at the studio with hair and makeup artist,  Cintya, she absolutely GLOWED!



We built a lovely portrait album from her session, and Chloe chose some scriptures that are special to her for several of the pages. 2015-07-22_0017


Won’t she have fun looking at these and sharing them with her children and her nieces and nephews one day?

Oh, the leaf-drop!  We threw leaves in the air over and over again until we could get a frame where the leaves were in the air but not blocking her face, and her eyes were open.

Of course it took us even longer because we were both laughing so hard!





 In addition to being a very bright student, Chloe also runs cross country.

2015-07-22_0016 2015-07-22_0015 2015-07-22_0014


Chloe is a young woman who sees God’s love everywhere she looks — and she reflects that  love and joy back to others thousand-fold. She’s spent her summer serving as a youth-group intern for her church, working with kids here in town and on mission trips.

Before long she will be on her way to East Texas Baptist University in Marshall where she will continue to grow in grace as she continues her education.

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