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Here’s another in our series of whatever happened to the blog posts for the class of 2015.

We still haven’t answered the mystery, but at least it’s giving me an opportunity to revisit some of my favorite senior portraits from the past year.


This is Will.


I had a great time photographing Will over a period of time. He came into the studio several times. First, to help me with an advertising project, but then later for both  studio and separate location sessions. He also returned for a quick multi-generational shoot with his dad and grandfather. How cool is THAT?


Get a load of this Letter Jacket!   I don’t believe there’s anything Will doesn’t do well. Football, Baseball, NHS … It took a lot of talent and hard work combined to earn a jacket like this.


For now, he’s cramming in as many good home-cooked meals and fun activities with his friends before he hits the road to Waco in a matter of weeks.

That’s right — Will is now a Baylor Bear. 2015-07-22_0007 2015-07-22_0006 2015-07-22_0005 2015-07-22_0004

Think he’ll miss the City of Katy at all?  2015-07-22_0003

I commend this entire family for carving some time out of their schedule to stop by so that I could create a few multi-generational images of Will with his dad and grandfather.  What a treasure these will be in the years to come.


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