Senior Portraits for S’vani – Cy-Fair Houston Photographer

THIS  . . . THIS is the face of The Class of 2016.

This is S’vani, a Senior at Langham Creek High School in the Cy-Fair  ISD.

HAIR AND MAKEUP IN STUDIO by Cintya Velderrain


I loved working with her because she is always smiling.  Seriously.  ALWAYS smiling.  She smiles so much that we had to WORK  HARD to capture a few serious images of her.

We liked the smiling photographs best through because they are so … HER.

If the rest of her classmates are anything like S’vani, their school must run a close second to Disney as the Happiest Place on Earth!

2015-10-23_0005 2015-10-23_0006

What is it that makes her smile?

For one thing, her participation and leadership  in Color Guard runs through her very core.  For those of you who are uninitiated, the Langham Creek Color Guard is absolutely legendary and has been for years.

You know what else is cool?  S’vani’s MOTHER, Rachel,  performed with the very same group when she was in high school.

They were great then too!  Just ask her.

Maybe flag, rifle, and marching skills are hereditary.  Just sayin’




Oh, and did you see that big red NHS on the sleeve of her letter jacket above?  Being a part of the National Honor Society  can only mean that S’vani is also ONE SMART COOKIE!  NHS gathers the students with the highest grades and helps prepare them to be successful leaders as they provide much-needed services to people and other organizations within their community.


After graduation, S’vani plans become a psychologist, and she will study at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska where she has already been accepted.



 As for her fashion-style, S’vani says she likes to mostly be comfortable, but she LOVES to dress up for special occasions — and sometimes just because.



In her down time, when she has any, she may be found enjoying  bubble tea and all things associated with Asian culture along with her closest friends.

What nobody knows about her, though,  is that she loves video games and she’s pretty darn good at League of Legends, Pokemon, Team Fortress 2, Assassin’s Creed, and Border Bands 2.







I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, S’vani.  Your future is bright because you SHINE! Enjoy your senior year and always follow your heart.




  1. She’s such an amazing and beautiful young lady, inside and out. We are proud to call her our niece! Love you S’Vani!

  2. Yes she is. I’m sure that amazing quality runs throughout your family.

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