Senior Portraits for ELizabeth – Katy Houston Photographer

As soon as football and marching season ended, Elizabeth blazed her trail over here for her senior portrait session.  She didn’t have any time to lose, because Color Guard never rests.  Even before the playoffs end for some schools, Guard members are back at it, practicing throughout our chilliest months for their most intense specialized competition.



In addition to her super-busy Color Guard schedule, Elizabeth  works part time as a cashier at her neighborhood Kroger.  While she enjoys her job up front, she REALLY loves busy holidays when she gets pulled into the floral department.  That’s a fabulous outlet for her artistic and crafty talents.  She spends as much time as she can perusing Pinterest for party themes and craft projects, and that’s probably why she’s such a wiz at decorating for holidays like Christmas and at baking goodies for friends and families.


After graduation, Elizabeth plans to attend Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, where she will study to become a Family and Consumer Sciences  teacher.   I think I want to be a kid again and go to her classes.  I think I’d learn bunches!


There’s a saying that goes something like, “she who leaves a trail of glitter will long be rememberered.”  That’s so very true.  I’m still finding shiny bits of blue, green, purple and silver, and it always makes me smile because I think about our fun time together.


Mother Daughter Portraits Last a Lifetime-Katy Houston Photographer

Hair and Makeup by Rachael Elise Walker — Elise Artistry

Some people are simply so  full of life and adventure that you never know what’s going to happen when they get creative, but you know that it’s going to be fun.  Originally we had planned to only photograph Mary, the mom in this series. BUT — as we worked through our consultation, we realized that we would all be missing out if we didn’t bring her daughter into the session as well — and I am so glad we did.

This is something I believe EVERY mother and daughter should do tpgether. Not only did they get to spend an afternoon laughing and playing “dress-up”  together, they both looked AMAZING when they left the studio for dinner..

I secretly wished I could have tagged along just to watch people’s reaction as they walked by.  Stay with me, and you’ll see why!

AND _ to top it off, they’ll have fabulous heirloom images of each other to treasure for ever.


 R is a gorgeous young teen.  She is sweet, quiet and soft-spoken … UNTIL she unleashes her inner goth. It may seem like an oxymoron, but  when she turns on her dark side,  THAT is  when she really lights up.

We started out our session with a nice casual feel,  and with the help of  our in-studio makeup artist and stylist, Rachael Walker, we  worked our way up from there.

2015-10-23_0037 2015-10-23_0036



Mary took a more formal route . . .


Isn’t she lovely?


But she was a great sport about letting R play out her inner rock goddess complete with blue hair extensions and super-dramatic makeup.


Very moody, huh? 2015-10-23_0042 2015-10-23_0048

Because  Mike Chetty  and I raised five sons, we have a collection of old band instruments in our closets.

Most are in better shape than this old French Horn that had been previously destined to the trash heap, but  I love how well it played into our theme.   We didn’t  have to worry about damaging it, and I am super glad it found its way into my prop closet!

2015-10-23_0047 2015-10-23_0046 2015-10-23_0045 2015-10-23_0044 2015-10-23_0043

This was by FAR one of my favorite sessions in a long time.  I can’t wait to do another concept escalation based on creativity and dreams.  There’s one in the planning stages now, and I would  love to create one for YOU as well.

Sugar and Spice (Cake) Katy Houston Photographer

I can hardly believe it’s been more than a year since these yummy little girls came into my world and into my heart. Watching them grow and explore is such a joy.

It really feels like it’s only been a week or so since they were tiny squirmy newborns in the studio, but they have already celebrated turning one.   .  They were born only a few minutes apart, but on both sides of midnight, so they each get their own official birthday.  These escapades actually happened a little while back, but  the delinquent blogger strikes again — and we are sometimes slow to the blogging board.

Still — they are absolutely too  gorgeous not to share here. 2015-12-02_0001As they say, Better late than never!

Happy belated birthday little ladies.  You are always welcome to come play in Miss Shelly’s studio playhouse with me.

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