Senior Portraits for Brie – Katy Sugar Land Houston Photographer

Senior Portraits for Brie – Katy Sugar Land Houston Photographer

This is Brie. She’s a fresh new graduate of Clements High School in Sugar Land.


And here are the Senior Portraits we created for her  in our Katy/West Houston studio this spring.  Hair and makeup by Rachael Elise Walker, Elise Artistry.

2016-06-09_0002 2016-06-09_0013


I first met this young lady when her mother occasionally brought her to the office or to Relay For Life events when we  worked together at the American Cancer Society.

Mom and I kept very loosely in touch through social media over the years, but I don’t believe we had actually seen each other in person since the day I left that job in 2008. That’s when I took the leap to tackle my photography as a full tim venture.  So, you can imagine how surprised and excited I was when she called to ask about creating these portraits.

Brie’s  a voracious reader and adventurous traveler.  She love to escape into a good book, and she loves even more to travel the world.  She’s been to Europe, to China, and several times to work with families and children in a Romanian mission. As I learned about her varied interests, I started gathering items to create this composite storyboard with globes and books.  I really do love how it all came together!

2016-06-09_0007 2016-06-09_0006 2016-06-09_0005

Brienne’s style?  It’s very Bo-Ho Chic, so it’s perfect that she’s the first person ever photographed soaking up the sun in front of our flower fence.

2016-06-09_0010 2016-06-09_0009 2016-06-09_0008

Now that school is out for the summer, Brie’s looking forward to some more amazing summer traveling. When she gets back, she’ll begin her studies at Baylor University where she’ll study Political Science.

I look for her to become a powerful force in bringing good things to the far corners of this world we all live in.

2016-06-09_0012 2016-06-09_0011

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