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I’ve always believed that God sends us exactly what we need, precisely when we need it, in His absolute perfect timing. The man you are about to meet, Pastor Leo Tyler, is a prime example of this. He came to lead our church at just the right time a little over two years ago.

I was honored to create a series of portraits for for him so that our church could put his face on social media and printed materials as we share our many growing ministries.

A little over two years ago our congregation at Bear Creek United Methodist Church seemed adrift. Oh, we had a firm anchor in Christ and wonderful people who wanted to to do great things but we simply couldn’t seem to catch the wind in our sails. From my pew, it sadly looked as if we had become another of the dying churches across America. To be honest, we were a lot of gray haired white folks with very little to offer the younger generations or the diverse neighborhood that had developed around our building.

Thankfully Leo came in equipped to change all that. He has a God-given gift of relating to people on an individual level, finding their skill sets, and putting them to work — together — for good. His enthusiasm and joy for Jesus are downright contagious.

In the two short years since Leo took the helm of our ship, we’ve done things quite a bit differently than in the past — and the change has been dynamic!

Whatever you do, do it as for The LORD.

We have grown in numbers and in spirit. Our youth and children’s programs are flourishing, and we have become a very well-respected resource for our members and for the community. We’re even in the process of becoming a flagship community health center, educating and equipping the our neighbors to make better nutrition, lifestyle, and medical choices. As our community learns how much we care about them, they are learning to trust us as their spiritual family too.

I love what I see happening in our little church these days and would love to invite YOU, dear reader, to be our guest. Whatever worship style speaks to your heart, we have one for you. Traditional worship starts at 9:00 a.m., and our contemporary bi-lingual service begins at 11:15.

Just come. You’ll find Jesus through the joy, acceptance, friendly people, and sincere prayers. Maybe you’ll even find a new church home of your own.

You’ll also find Pastor Leo.

And I know what he will say.

He would LOVE to be YOUR pastor too.

Bear Creek United Methodist Church is located at 16000 Rippling Water, just off HWY 6 near Keith Harrow in Katy, Texas.

Check out our website for more information.


  1. Perfectly put!! Leo is nothing less than a GIFT FROM GOD…an ANGEL to the church & entire community! His wisdom in theology & “peopleology” is GENUINE, TRUE,DEEP & he truly emulates our Lord & SAVIOR!!! He is approachable,relatable & real, having shared his not at all easy upbringing & giving hope & comfort to ALL WHO ARE BLESSED TO BE PRESENT!! Young & old love,appreciate & respect him,(our 4 year old granddaughter says, “Pastor Leo, he’s MY guy!” Her father is deceased & there’s NOONE ON THE PLANET WE’D RATHER HAVE AS HER GUY!!)
    Thank you & God bless you & your family RICHLY Pastor Leo!!!

  2. Shelly – I love what you’ve written & the way you’ve photographed Pastor Leo. Even more I love the blessing that Pastor Leo & Mrs Lupe are to our church!

  3. Thank you Deborah. We are truly blessed.

  4. Isn’t that the truth, Laura? How wonderful that even your little granddaughter knows and appreciates Leo. Thank you for the kind words.

  5. Wow! Wonderful pictures and beautiful message. Shelly, your work is inspirational! Leo’s extraordinary grace shines in every shot. Even on the static page the Holy Spirit breathes through. Thank you for the gift of your art and for your appealing invitation to our Christ centered community!

  6. Oh Lisa, it is all a joy and a privilege.

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