Senior Portraits for Colby – Katy Houston Photographer

 The high school letterman — a lasting and iconic  symbol of teenage accomplishment.

Go to any city, and find the kids in letter jackets.  They are the movers and shakers. They are our future leaders.

Stands to reason that the letter jacket should become an important part of a senior’s portrait session.  It certainly was for Colby, Class of 2016.
2016-06-13_0001 2016-06-13_0002 2016-06-13_0003

Colby just graduated from Katy cinco Ranch High School where he lettered in football. He also enjoys playing club rugby.


Colby is heading to Baylor this fall to continue his studis.

2016-06-13_0005 2016-06-13_0006

I see a bright future in those piercing brown eyes.  Congratulations on your high school graduation, Colby.


Senior Portraits for Alina – Katy Houston Photographer

The school year blew by WAY too fast for me to update you on the gorgeous seniors from the class of 2016, but now it’s time for swimming pools, lemonade and maybe a little slower pace for us to catch up.

These are Alina’s senior portraits.  She is a 2016 graduate of James E Taylor High School in Katy.  In-studio  Hair and makeup by Cintya Velderrain.


Alina played flute in the JETBand, so her instrument became an important part of our portrait session.


When we were first setting up this photography session, Alina’s mom told me that she was on the search for the ultimate perfect dress.


 The bright pink prom dress was absolutely  da bomb!  Brilliant color and , lots of sophisticated sparkle.

She wore it well.  What’s not to love?

2016-06-09_0016 2016-06-09_0017 2016-06-09_0018

 Alina plans to attend Texas State University in the fall where she will study Exercise Science through the school’s Honors College.

2016-06-09_0019 2016-06-09_0020 2016-06-09_0021

 One of my favorite memories of working with this gal was how she and my little black cat, Pearl, became instant besties.

Pearl is already asking when Alina will come back to play again.  I told her that I hope it’s soon… Soon and often.


Senior Portraits for Brie – Katy Sugar Land Houston Photographer

Senior Portraits for Brie – Katy Sugar Land Houston Photographer

This is Brie. She’s a fresh new graduate of Clements High School in Sugar Land.


And here are the Senior Portraits we created for her  in our Katy/West Houston studio this spring.  Hair and makeup by Rachael Elise Walker, Elise Artistry.

2016-06-09_0002 2016-06-09_0013


I first met this young lady when her mother occasionally brought her to the office or to Relay For Life events when we  worked together at the American Cancer Society.

Mom and I kept very loosely in touch through social media over the years, but I don’t believe we had actually seen each other in person since the day I left that job in 2008. That’s when I took the leap to tackle my photography as a full tim venture.  So, you can imagine how surprised and excited I was when she called to ask about creating these portraits.

Brie’s  a voracious reader and adventurous traveler.  She love to escape into a good book, and she loves even more to travel the world.  She’s been to Europe, to China, and several times to work with families and children in a Romanian mission. As I learned about her varied interests, I started gathering items to create this composite storyboard with globes and books.  I really do love how it all came together!

2016-06-09_0007 2016-06-09_0006 2016-06-09_0005

Brienne’s style?  It’s very Bo-Ho Chic, so it’s perfect that she’s the first person ever photographed soaking up the sun in front of our flower fence.

2016-06-09_0010 2016-06-09_0009 2016-06-09_0008

Now that school is out for the summer, Brie’s looking forward to some more amazing summer traveling. When she gets back, she’ll begin her studies at Baylor University where she’ll study Political Science.

I look for her to become a powerful force in bringing good things to the far corners of this world we all live in.

2016-06-09_0012 2016-06-09_0011

Senior Year Marks a Milestone for Parents Too – Katy Houston Photographer

The senior year in high school can be a super emotional time, and I don’t mean just for the students.

In my own experience, as a mom of five sons, I came to think of the senior year sort of like pregnancy. It lasts about nine months, and by the time it is over, you’ll do whatever you need to do in order to get the kid out.    I played  tug of war between the joys of seeing my children spread their  wings oh so ready to stand on their own and become an adult, and the fear of wondering if they would be safe from one day to the next.  I worried about each one of them walking out the door  to places where we can’t monitor whether or not they and their buddies come home at a decent hour. To this day, I still LOVE watching them  take on new responsibilities and excel in ways I could never imagine.   I  still crumble inside when they face struggles that I cannot and should not even try to fix.  I cry a little when I realize that my days of drying tears,mending scraped knees, and keeping a well-stocked pantry and fridge are becoming distant memories.

What many of us moms tend to forget is that the graduate is not the only one facing a new stage of life.

Senior year  is  a time when the entire family dynamics are about to change in a big way. Parents get to  embark on a new journey too.  Yes, the adjustment can be very very tough, but for the most part after transition (another pregnancy analogy) it is very very sweet.

Not too long ago I got together with this family to create the first portraits they had made since their son was quite young. He will graduate this June and within just a few short weeks will leave for army boot camp.  When he returns, he will be a different human being. That’s what service does for us.

 I’m so glad we did this project.

Life for mom and dad will definitely change.  Their son will come into his own in a great way.  And Mom and Dad are going to be fine.  They’ll be just fine.

going going gone

Senior Portraits for Caroline – Katy Houston Photographer

If there ever was an All American Girl, it would be Caroline!

How lucky am I that I got to create her senior portraits? 2016-02-21_0011

Caroline will graduate this spring from Cinco Ranch High School where she’s been involved in so many activities I can hardly keep track.

She plays clarinet in the band.   She’s a member of the Good Sportsmanship Club, the Cinco Sweethearts, Senior Women, and she’s been a Cougar Challenge Officer for three years, reaching out to other schools about ways to help ensure  that all students feel accepted and included.



I love to see how the most involved and well-rounded students are the ones who reach beyond their own communities!



Not too long ago, Caroline and her mother took small group of swimming instructors to Brazil because they had learned that the incidence of child drownings there was very high.  These women worked to teach young moms in the villages  how to swim and more importantly to teach them how to train their children how to respond if they fell into the water or got into a dangerous water situation.

She may never know how many young lives are saved because of this trip, but I’ll bet it makes a huge difference in the lives of several families.


After graduation, Caroline is Baylor Bound where she plans to study marketing.

While she could go to work in her family business, she is keeping her options open.


After all, there’s a big bold world out there with opportunities we have never thought of yet.

2016-02-21_0014 2016-02-21_0015


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Caroline.  I can’t wait to see what you do with your brains and your sweet spirit.

Thank you for allowing me to create your senior portraits for you.  I hope you and your family enjoy them for many many years!

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